Mathis Public Library

Mathis, Texas, was incorporated in 1939 and serves as a winter home for hundreds of Winter Texans from all parts of the state and country, as well as Canada. After damming the Nueces River formed Lake Mathis in the early 1930s, Mathis became a popular vacation area. Now Lake Corpus Christi, the former Lake Mathis serves as the site for Corpus Christi State Park, comprising of 350 acres, nestles in a cove protected from the prevailing south-easterly winds by high limestone cliffs. The Mathis Area Newspapers, provided by the Mathis Public Library, have been digitized through the support of a Tocker Foundation award to the partner, and they offer a rich view into this travel-friendly region of Texas.





103 N Lamar ST
Mathis, TX 78368

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