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[Article from The Brady Herald]

Description: A clipping from The Brady Herald which reports that the Evangelical Free Church of Melvin will "be the first church in McCulloch County to receive an historical marker" in upcoming historical marker dedication ceremonies with excerpts from greetings sent to the church from the superintendent of the South Central District of the Evangelical Free Church of America in which he expresses the hope that "the day will be both a day of remembrance and a day of rejoicing in what this church has meant an… more
Date: September 20, 1988
Creator: The Brady Herald

[August Young's Declaration of Intention, 1918]

Description: Photocopy of August Young's sworn Declaration of Intention (filed in the McCulloch County District Court) to become a United States citizen, containing his renunciation of loyalty to any foreign power, in particular the King of Sweden, and recitation of his arrival from Jonkaping, Sweden to the port of New York in the State of New York aboard a White Star Line vessel on 1889-02-16 and his present marriage to Annie Young, who was born in Sweden.
Date: August 1918

Biography of Nelin + Johnson Families

Description: Biographical accounts about Carl John Nelin and P. N. Johnson by Dalmer E. Nelin, Carl John Nelin's widow and P. N. Johnson's daughter, who, during her 83rd year, observes that both men had come to America expecting to find a "pot of gold" in a "land of milk and honey."
Date: [1958..2000]
Creator: Marcott, Ruth Nelin

[C. J. Nelin's Declaration of Intention]

Description: Photocopy of Carl John Nelin's declaration to become a citizen of the United States, his statement of birthplace to be Nenike, Sweden, and his renunciation of allegiance to a foreign power, in particular the King of Sweden, along with the district clerk's certification and official filing information.
Date: August 31, 1888
Creator: Marcott, Ruth Nelin

[C. J. Nelin's Order of Final Naturalization]

Description: Order of Final Naturalization by the District Court of San Saba County, Texas, entered on 1891-12-12, admitting Carl John Nelin to citizenship after a determination by the court that he has satisfied all residence requirements, demonstrated good moral character and a dedication to the principles of the United States, has sworn to support the Constitution of the United States, and has renounced allegiance to the King of Sweeden (sic.) and all other foreign powers.
Date: December 12, 1891
Creator: Marcott, Ruth Nelin

[Card in Memory of Hilda Hanson]

Description: Copyrighted cream, black, and gold card "In Loving Remembrance" of Hilda Hanson that states the dates of her life and features Victorian illustrations of doves, wreathed flowers, and a book with feather pens, along with the bannered epitaph "Gone but not forgotten" above a brief poem.
Date: 1922~
Creator: Wendell, H. F.

[Copy of O. G. Dahlberg's Will]

Description: Official copy of O. G. Dahlberg's will with a note from Sam McCollum addressed to his wife and children. Also included is a strip of paper with a series of numbers and the envelope that this document was delivered in.
Date: March 9, 1956
Creator: McCollum, Sam
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