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[William Lockhart Clayton full-length seated portrait]
Full-length informal seated portrait of William Lockhart Clayton with stone wall and floral curtain and books in background.
[William Lockhart Clayton portrait]
Formal portrait of William Lockhart Clayton. Interior shot.
[William Lockhart Clayton portrait as an older man]
Portrait of William Lockhart Clayton.
[William Lockhart Clayton Portrait taken at Savannah Conference, 1946]
Portrait of William Lockhart Clayton taken at Savannah Conference March 1946.
[William Lockhart Clayton portrait with U.S. map in background]
Portrait of William Lockhart Clayton as an older man, standing with his hands on chair in front of a map of the United States.
[William Lockhart Clayton reading papers]
William Lockhart Clayton portrait reading papers. Interior shot.
[William Lockhart Clayton seated in front of bookshelves]
William Lockhart seated in armchair in wood paneled room with bookshelves in the background.
[William Lockhart Clayton with unidentified men on stage with flags]
William Lockhart Clayton standing with unidentified seated men on stage with American and other national flags in background. Interior shot.
[William Stamps and Libbie Rice Farish with daughter Martha Farish Gerry]
William Stamps Farish and Libbie Rice Farish (far right) with daughter Martha Farish Gerry standing by rail in industrial setting.