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[Postcard of Bremo]

Description: Postcard of a large tree in front of a two story house. On the back, the postcard is described in the following - "The residence at Bremo was designed by Thomas Jefferson for General John Hartwell Cocke. It is recognized by the authorities as one of the most perfect of the type in existence and is in an excellent state of preservation, except for the galleries connecting the wings with the main house...."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Bremo House]

Description: Postcard of a small house with one chimney. On the back, it is described at length, "Quaint adobe house on the Bremo Estate. The mansion on the hill above was designed by Thomas Jefferson for General John Hartwell Cocke...."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Bremo Trees]

Description: Postcard of trees in front of Bremo mansion, described on the back as follows, "Bremo Mansion, in the middle distance, and wings, has been called "the loveliest old Mansion in Virginia". The plans were drawn by Thomas Jefferson for his friend and associate in the organization of the University of Virginia, General John Hartwell Cocke."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of East Portico of Bremo]

Description: Postcard of the white portico supported by white columns. Described on the back as follows - "East portico of Mansion at Bremo, designed by Thomas Jefferson for John Hartwell Cocke and built 1815-1819. The ladies on the left are overlooking the James River lowgrounds and the Buckingham hills in the distance. The south front of the Mansion afforded a view of the fertile farm lands of Bremo Plantation which stretch in both directions as far as the eye can reach."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Temple of Bremo]

Description: Postcard of a Romanesque stone building supported by marble columns. Described on the back as follows - "Temperance Spring Temple on the Bremo Estate immediately west of the Strathmore station, adapted by General John Hartwell Cocke from one of the loveliest of the Roman temples. Dedicated to the Sons of Temperance by the owner of Bremo, one of the earlier and staunchest advocates of temperance, the spring basin emptied through an underground conduit into the great pitcher, now to be seen on the Lawn, thence into the Richmond-Lynchburg Canal, long since superseded by the Chesapeake and Ohio's River Division."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Two Bremo Buildings]

Description: Postcard of two buildings and an abandoned staircase on the Bremo property. On the back, the postcard is described as follows - "End of East Wing and Smokehouse at Bremo. On the right is the end of the ha-ha, a depression around the mansion concealing the fence necessary to keep stock from the mansion lawn. The building in the distance on the left is a quaint adobe servants home, of which several remain intact on the Bremo Estate, situated between Fork Union and Bremo Bluff, Virginia, and remaining in the ownership of the same family since the grant by the Crown in 1725."
Date: unknown