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[Postcard of Public School Building in Texarkana]

Description: Postcard of a two story brick building with white accents, marble columns and a domed blue roof. The view of the building is obscured by the treeline. The letter on the back reads, "Can't "our daughter" find time [illegible] I hear you were down [illegible] Lots of love + kisses for all Auntie Cucley." The postcard is addressed to "Miss Mamie McFaddin 1141 Third Ave Huntington, West Va."
Date: August 21, 1907

[Postcard of Summer Cottage of W. S. Cochran]

Description: Postcard of a small cabin with a covered porch, where a woman reclines on a rocking chair and a swinging seat hangs from the ceiling. Wooden slats form the stair steps to the entryway, and a sign labeling the cabin as "The Nest" hangs from the roof of the porch. The edge of the postcard describes the scene as "Summer Cottage of W. S. Cochran, of Houston, Texas Winslow Park, Winslow, Arkansas."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of the Iron Mountain Route]

Description: The image in front of the postcard shows on the left side in the foreground some trees and in the background a horizon line. Underneath the image the following is printed: "Iron Mountain Route, direct line to Hot Springs, Arkansas, from St. Louis, Memphis and Texas points." To the right is printed the following: "Among The Pines, Hot Springs, Ark." On the back of the postcard is printed the following: "Private Mailing Card- Authorized by Act of Congress of May 19th., 1898."
Date: unknown