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[Postcard of French Lick Springs Hotel]

Description: Postcard of a yellow six story hotel with a red roof and accents as seen from behind a ditch. The scene is described as "Lithia Spring, French Lick Springs Hotel, French Lick, Ind." The note on the back reads, "We are all settled + I take a little meal in morning. Dad's want to see my food. Be good + love Mom." The postcard is addressed to "Miss Mamie McFaddin Huntington, W. Va. 1141 3rd Ave."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Pluto Spring in French Lick, Indiana]

Description: Postcard of a black and white picture of two women walking along a path away from a yellow-tinted house. The letter written around the picture reads, "I have been expecting a letter from you every day and feel hurt - that every girl does not write you had I - worker escaped feel good to her from her bobies. I'll leave here any day here - Sunday - Maria." The postcard is addressed to "Miss Mamie McFaddin 1141 3 Ave. Huntington, W. Va."
Date: August 27, 1907

[Postcard of Vinita Artesian Bathing Pools]

Description: Postcard of a man rowing a boat on a still pool of water near a yellow house with blue tiled roof. The scene is described as "One of the Vinita Artesian Bathing Pools, Vinita, Ind. Ter." The note below the picture is illegible but for the words, "is a private pool." The postcard is addressed to "Miss Mamie McFaddin 1316 Calder Ave. Beaumont, Texas."
Date: December 2, 1906