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[Postcard of Capitol Building of New Mexico]

Description: Postcard of the cream colored state capitol with red accents, flying a New Mexican flag. Cars are parked nearby. On the back, the postcard is described as follows - "State Capitol, Santa Fe, New Mexico New Mexico's new Capitol Buildings and one of the most beautiful in the nation. Located at Santa Fe, the oldest permanent seat of government in what is now the United States."
Date: unknown
Creator: Hobson Bass

[Postcard of Ernie Pyle's Home]

Description: Postcard of a one story white house with a covered porch, green roof, green trim and blue covered window. Two trees sit in the front lawn, and a white picket fence forms one boundary of the lawn. An older man's portrait encircled by white with a dark background sits on the right. On the back, the postcard continues with the following - "A note about Ernie Pyle To the American Reading public Ernie became the country's best loved and most famous war correspondent. To New Mexican's he was that and more. He was a neighbor and friend - and covered New Mexico from the far Southeastern section to the Four Corners marker. Driving back from the East to his adopted city of Albuquerque, he used to say that by the time he got to the high mesas outside Sante fe he began to feel a lift of the spirit. Now as the Ernie Pyle Memorial Library, his former home serves as a fitting tribute to this noted writer and war correspondent. It is now open to the public and is located at 700 S. Girard Ave. - a short drive from downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico."
Date: unknown
Creator: Alfred McGarr Adv. Service

[Postcard of Fred Harvey's La Fonda Hotel]

Description: Postcard of an adobe building taking the corner of a block. On the back, the postcard adds the following - "La Fonda, the Fred Harvey Hotel at Santa Fe, New Mexico, embodies the charm of the surrounding Spanish-Indian country, sweeping back from the shady Plaza in the softly-rounded terraces of an ancient pueblo. Among La Fonda's many attractions are its sunny patio; the restful lounge with its huge fireplace and deep-cushioned chairs; the New Mexican Room (restaurant); La Cantina (cocktail room); La Placita (outdoor dining room); and the famous orchestra from Old Mexico."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of La Fonda Hotel]

Description: Postcard of a two story adobe structure taking up the corner of a block, with cars parked on the side of the street. On the back, the postcard adds the following - "This new, modern hostelry - operated by Fred Harvey - built on the lines of and maintaining both Indian and Old Spanish architecture, is the most unique and picturesque in the entire Southwest. Furnished with Spanish and Indian antiques and authentic reproductions, it is a veritable storehouse of information for the student."
Date: unknown
Creator: Southwest Post Card Co.