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[Postcard of 3rd Ave. Looking East from 13th St. in Huntington, W. Va.]

Description: Postcard of a road with trolley tracks and a horse drawn buggy, edged by trees and quaint homes. The back of the postcard reads, "Your letter received was glad to know that you are well and having a fine time you and Ammazeltas. Hope Mrs. Wilson keeps well and getting along nicely with her charge. All are well at Mrs. Wilson Home all the carriage making it regular. Have had a terrible tropical rain but no cooler. We hear everyday from your Mama, she is well, at Portland. Hope you get a postcard every day. Your little brothers are all doing fine, had a letter yesterday from Aida Welle, Love Grandma." The postcard is addressed to "Miss Mamie McFaddin Pence Springs Care Pence Hotel West Va."
Date: July 19, 1908

[Postcard of a Baby Buggy Made of Flowers]

Description: Postcard of the golden frame of a baby buggy with purple, blue, and green flowers weaved through the frame and white doves perched on the top. "With Hearty Easter Greetings," is written below the buggy. The short message on the back of the postcard reads, "All are well. With Love, Grandmother." The postcard is addressed to "Miss Mamie McFadden 1141 3rd Ave Huntington, West Va."
Date: April 12, 1911

[Postcard of a Busy Avenue in Huntington]

Description: The image in front of the postcard shows a busy Third Avenue with carriages, a streetcar and pedestrians. There is a streetcar in the middle of the postcard. Crossing in front of it are pedestrians. To the far right corner is a carriage with two figures. There are shops on both sides of the street. The building on the right side of the postcard with the name "M. Broh." is the Broh Building. In the middle of the image at the top is a streetlight dangling from a cable. At the top of the image is handwritten text that says, "With love, from Edna." At the bottom of the image is printed the following: "Third Avenue, looking East from 9th Street, Huntington, W. Va." Credit as the publisher is given to H. G. Hoffman. The postcard is addressed to Miss Mamie McFaddin from Beaumont, Texas.
Date: 1907
Creator: Edna

[Postcard of a Man Holding Babies]

Description: Postcard addressed to Mr. G. J. Caldwell in Huntington, West Virginia. The image on the front of the postcard shows a cartoon of a man holding two babies, with a printed message, "Holding His Own." The author of the postcard crossed out "his" and wrote "my." The handwritten message on the front of the postcard says, "I will be home on no. 3 Tuesday. Everybody is well. Max left with Lewis this morning. Look for me Tuesday."
Date: 1906

[Postcard of a Woman in a Red and Green Dress with a Young Girl]

Description: Postcard of a mother and her child walking away from the viewer. The woman on the right is holding the skirt of her green and red dress up as the wind blows the ribbons on her hat. The woman is holding a small purse on her left hand. The young girl is wearing a hat and a green and red dress. She is imitating her mother by holding on to her dress. They are both looking off to the left into the distance. Underneath the image is printed the following: "Me and Ma." Underneath the image is illegible handwritten text. Credit is given to Curt Teich & Co. The postcard is addressed to Miss Mamie McFaddin in Webster Springs, West Virginia.
Date: 1906

[Postcard of Aerial View of Marshall College]

Description: Postcard of a campus of red buildings surrounded by neighboring houses. The postcard is further described on the back as "John Marshall (1755-1835) - Revolutionary Captain, Member of Congress 1799, Secretary of State 1800, Chief Justice - Supreme Court 1801-1835. Marshall College named for Chief Justice in 1837. The Oldest College located in West Virginia's largest city." The message on the back is illegible. The postcard is addressed to "Mrs. Carroll E. Ward 1906 McFaddin Ave. Beaumont, Texas."
Date: April 13, 1946