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[Postcard of Grove Park Inn]

Description: Postcard of a three story stone building with an orange roof and trees in bloom on the hill the building is built on. The scene is described as " "Springtime," Grove Park Inn, Asheville, N. C." The message on the back is illegible.
Date: August 23, 1929

[Postcard of Hotel Kahler 2]

Description: Postcard of a yellow 11-story hotel with three trees planted in the front, described on the back as "The Kahler Hotel 650 Rooms - Rochester, Minnesota Largest, Finest, and newest air-conditioned guest and public rooms - food and beverage service in the Elizabethan Room all day, service in the Coffee House - Unique Hemisphere Room cocktail lounge - many private dining rooms - exceptional shopping arcade on the subway system parking facilities." The message on the back reads, "Glad you two have gone to N. O. Hope you have a good time also have Carroll take an extra slice at S. A. for me - Will be drawn Saturday - pork casing for sale - being picked now Dr. Betirs - Practicing for an early Duck Season - don't bother about me it's my decision - think it'll help - not absolutely necessary - I'm fine and not worried in the least Love, Leah." The postcard is addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Ward 1906 McFaddin Ave. Beaumont, Texas."
Date: September 1928

[Postcard of Library of Congress in Washington, D. C.]

Description: Postcard of a three story white stone building with a golden domed roof. The scene is described as "The Library of Congress, Washington, justly celebrated as the culmination of architectural achievement of the day, was completed in 1897 at a cost of 26,000,000. The Library is here seen from the Capitol. The dome and lantern are finished in black copper, with panels gilded with a thick coating of gold leaf; and the cresting of the dome terminates in a gilded finial representing the torch of Science ever burning." The message on the back is illegible. The postcard is addressed to "M. P. H. McFaddin, Beaumont, Tex."
Date: September 12, 1921