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[Postcard of Will Roger's Ranch House in Santa Monica Mountains]

Description: Postcard of will Rogers' Ranch House in Santa Monica Mountains, Near Beverly Hills, California. It is a two story building with an open patio, yellow rocking chairs, and potted flowers. The scene is described as "Ranch House of Will Rogers in Santa Monica Mountains Near Los Angeles, California. The lovely new ranch house of Will Roger overlooking the Pacific keeps Mr. Rogers and his family in touch with the open air life they love so." The postcard is addressed to "Mrs. Carroll E. Ward Texas Ice Co. Beaumont, Texas."
Date: September 3, 1934

[Postcard of First Theatre in California]

Description: Postcard of a long one story building with green accent windows and greenery growing at the sides of the house. On the edges of the picture, it is described as "First Theatre in California, Monterey, California." The back of the postcard adds, "The First Theatre This was one of California's proudest spots in early days. Here Spanish, Mexicans, and Americans gathered for entertainment and diversion. A long rectangular Adobe built by John A. Swan, popularly known as Jack Swan, pioneer of 1843, who opened a saloon and boarding house. At the close of the Mexican War, some disbanded U. S. soldiers gave an amateur performance here which was so successful that they induced Jack Swan to fit up the long wing of his saloon for a theatre. The beloved Jenny Lind is said to have sung here on her American tour in 1850-52."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Hotel San Carlos]

Description: Postcard of a seven story building with gold accents and several cars parked in front, described as "Hotel San Carlos, Monterey, California." The message around the border and on the back is illegible. The postcard is addressed to "Mrs. Carroll E. Ward Texas Ice Co., Beaumont, Texas."
Date: September 10, 1934

[Postcard of Dining Room of Hotel del Coronado]

Description: Postcard of rows of set tables covered in white tablecloth lit by golden chandeliers strung from the wooden domed ceiling. The walls are covered in red and black patterned wallpaper, the curtains around the window are gold. At the edges, the postcard describes itself as "Crown Room, Main Dining Room, Hotel del Coronado."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of McFaddin, Kyle, & Weiss Rice Mill]

Description: Postcard from G. O. Schull to Henry H. Himebaugh in San Diego, California. The image on the front of the postcard shows a mill next to railroad tracks, and printed text on the photo identifies the subject as the McFaddin, Kyle & Weiss Rice Mill in Beaumont, Texas. The handwritten message on the back of the postcard is addressed to "Uncle Henry" and says, "I was glad to hear from you. I ought to have answered sooner. It is true we are drifting that way but we are so scattered I don't know whether we could all get there together or not. I have always thought I would like to live in California on account of the climate. I don't think we will remain here much longer but I can't say just where we will go. This leaves us well. I hope it will find you the same."
Date: February 27, 1912
Creator: Schull, G. O.

[Postcard of Outside View of Santa Maria Inn]

Description: Postcard of a two story building with vines and other growth thriving over the side, hedges edging the sides of the entrance's steps. "Santa Maria Inn, Santa Maria, California" is typed near the edge of the postcard. The back of the postcard adds, "Santa Maria Inn Santa Maria, California on the Mission Trail "It is always blossom time at the Santa Maria Inn."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Patrick's Creek Tavern 2]

Description: Postcard of a two story log cabin-style tavern with a green roof, stone chimney, and blue bus parked outside. Around the edges of the picture, it is described as "Patrick's Creek Tavern Your Home on the Redwood Highway." The back of the postcard adds, "Patrick's Creek Tavern "Your Home and Ours" The Raymond Family Patrick's Creek Tavern is a modern resort on the famous Smith River, between Crescent City, Calif. and Grants Pass, Oregon. Open all year. Make reservations during summer months. Phone or write. P.O. address: Crescent City, California 8 miles good fishing stream within two miles of the tavern."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Euclid Avenue]

Description: Postcard of rows of trees with red peppers hanging from the branches, described as "Euclid Avenue, Upland, California Euclid Avenue, several miles in length, planted, solid pepper trees is the connecting link between Upland on the Foothill Boulevard and Ontario on the Valley Boulevard, California." The message on the back is illegible. The postcard is addressed to "Mrs. Carroll E. Ward 1906 McFaddin Beaumont, Texas."
Date: September 4, 1934

[Postcard of St. Francis Hotel]

Description: Postcard of a 13 story building with an expansive and meticulously maintained courtyard. The edge of the postcard describes the scene as "St. Francis Hotel Union Square San Francisco." The back of the postcard adds, "One of the world's great hotels St. Francis Hotel San Francisco Dan E. London, Managing Director."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Santa Maria Inn Dining Room]

Description: Postcard of tables set with silverware and flowers, and white tablecloths. Yellow curtains adorn the top of the windows, the ceiling and walls painted green. The carpet is checkered in dark and light green hues. The edges of the postcard describe the scene as "Santa Maria Inn - Santa Maria, California The Inn Dining Room." The back of the postcard adds, "A delightful inn on California's Road of Romance, the Mission Trails."
Date: unknown