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[Postcard of a Baby Inside a Flower Basket]

Description: The image in front of the postcard shows a baby sitting inside a flower basket with purple flowers. The baby is holding a heart on the right and the banner on the left. The banner says "To My Valentine." The basket has two pink ribbons. The wall behind the basket is green. The postcard is addressed to Miss Mamie McFaddin in Beaumont, Texas.
Date: unknown

[Postcard of a Beaumont Oil Gusher]

Description: The image in front of the postcard shows grass in the background. There is an oil gusher in the middle ground. On the foreground to the left are several figures looking at the gusher. Near the middle of the foreground are two figures looking to the left towards the gusher and the crowd. On the lower left corner of the postcard is printed the following: "Beaumont Oil Gusher, Beaumont, Texas." The back of the postcard is blank.
Date: unknown
Creator: Commercial Chrome

[Postcard of a Rowboat on a River]

Description: The image in front of the postcard shows an empty white rowboat on the left side of the riverbank. In the background to the left is a white house with an orange roof and to its left is a white house with a red leafed tree in the front. In the foreground, in front of the rowboat there is grass. Underneath the image is printed the following: "Clyffeside View, Huntington, W. Va." At the bottom of the postcard is illegible handwritten text. On the right lower corner is printed: "Handcolored." The postcard is addressed to Miss Mamie McFaddin in Beaumont, Texas. Credit is given to Wild & Boette.
Date: unknown

[Postcard of a Sugar Cane Mill]

Description: The image in front of the postcard shows a forest in the background. In the middle ground there is a sugarcane mill. On the left side in the middle ground there are figures underneath a roof besides a chimney. In the middle there is a horse and two figures standing. On the left side, in the foreground, there is an older man sitting in a farm carriage pulled by two bulls. On the left lower corner is printed the following: "A Sugar Cane Mill." Underneath the printed text is handwritten the following: "Hello Marie, How are you. Sig went away last month, she went to Louisville. Mamie." The postcard is addressed to Miss Marie Bright in Houston, Texas. On the back of the postcard on the lower left side there is a paragraph that explains how a sugar cane mill functions. On the left side is printed the following: "Art Publishers To Their Majesties The King And Queen."
Date: unknown

[Postcard of Administration and Chemistry Building at Rice Institute]

Description: Postcard of two buildings, brick with white accents and marble arches, across a well trimmed courtyard. The top edge of the postcard sets the scene as, "Administration Building and Chemistry Building, Rice Institute, Houston, Texas." The back of the postcard adds, "Administration Building, Rice Institute Houston has in Rice Institute one of the largest privately endowed colleges in the country. The original endowment of nine million dollars by the late Wm. Marsh Rice, has grown to $14,500,000."
Date: unknown
Creator: Bailey, Bob

[Postcard of Aerial View of Beaumont, TX]

Description: Postcard of a view of Beaumont, TX from above, looking down over an urban sprawl of buildings and houses, bordered by the river. On the back, a brief history of Beaumont's oil industry is written. "Where Oil Became an Industry - Beaumont, Texas (population 130,000) is one of the nation's leading deep-water inland ports and the retail and wholesale trade center of Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. Beaumont is located in the heart of an industrial area which includes almost 100 major industries that manufacture synthetic rubber, produce chemicals, refine oil, build ships, and fabricate heavy oil field and refining equipment. Beaumont's historic landmark is the Lucas Gusher Monument at Spindletop Oil Field. Lamar State College of Technology is one of the city's finest objects of civic pride."
Date: unknown
Creator: Business Men's Studio

[Postcard of Alamo Entrance]

Description: Postcard of the stone carved Alamo's face, with red flowers blooming from a large bush on the left side. The back of the postcard adds, "The Alamo. The sacred Alamo stands within the very heart of the business district of the city of San Antonio. It was erected in 1718 by the Franciscan Monks and was originally the Chapel of the Mission of San Antonio de Balera. It was within the gray stone walls of the quaint old Chapel, March 6, 1836, that Travis, Bonham, Bowie, Crockett, and 182 unsung heroes gave their lives in the defense of Texas liberty."
Date: unknown
Creator: Gene Aiken