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[Aerial View of Parade]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of several decorated cars driving down a street during a parade in Port Arthur, Texas. A crowd of people stand on either side of the street, and a row of cars are parked to the right. Buildings are visible to the left.
Date: unknown

[Air Raid Warden George Gondron]

Description: Card certifying George Gondron as an air raid warden in Port Arthur, Texas. The front of the card has a head shot of Gondron next to his fingerprint. The text on the back of the card reads: "Port Arthur Civilian Defense Air Raid. This is to certify that George Gondron has been duly appointed an air raid warden. This is his authority to carry out the duties given wardens by the chief air raid warden."
Date: unknown

[Band in Parade]

Description: Photograph of a marching band walking down a dirt road during a parade in Port Arthur, Texas. People stand on the porches and balconies of the stores on either side of the road to watch the parade.
Date: unknown

[Barrel Construction]

Description: Photograph of a man constructing a barrel with machinery inside of a warehouse. He is wearing protective gloves, boots, an apron, and a hat, and is working on one of two barrels on what appears to be an assembly line. There are other machines and tools shown in the background. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo at the bottom) labels the photograph "Making barrels in the Cooper shop."
Date: unknown