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[Men in Front of Dinner Table]

Description: Photograph of five men, identified as Jim Rowland, an unidentified man, Ralph Bradford, Dan Johnson, and C. M. Scott, standing in front of a set dinner table.
Date: January 21, 1958
Item Type: Photograph

[Thomas W. Hughen School for Crippled Children]

Description: Photograph of the exterior of the Thomas W. Hughen School for Crippled Children building in Port Arthur, Texas. A dirt road runs up to the front door, and there are a few scraggly trees in front of the building.
Date: February 12, 1958
Item Type: Photograph

[Woman With Texaco Products]

Description: Photograph of a woman wearing a white shirt advertising Texaco products. She is standing behind a table that has multiple cans of different varieties of motor oil, capella oil, havoline, and other gasoline products.
Date: July 26, 1958
Item Type: Photograph