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[Man Feeding Squirrel]
Photograph of an elderly man identified as John Walter Carr. He is seated outdoors, wrapped in a blanket and wearing a hat. There is a squirrel on his lap eating out of a dish.
April 1959, Fire Destroyed the Port Arthur YMCA Building
Photograph of the remains of the burned YMCA building in Port Arthur, Texas, 1959. All that's left are twisted steel I-beams, charred wood, and stone. Firemen can be seen working in the wreckage.
April 1959, YMCA Burns to the Ground - Nothing Saved
Photograph of the remains of the YMCA on the Southeast corner of Austin Avenue in Port Arthur, Texas, 1959. Fire crews are spraying the wreckage with water. All that remains is a pile of twisted steel I-beams and stone.
[Police and Ambulance]
Photograph of the Junior Police Squad of Port Arthur, Texas, on duty during a fake ambulance call. Cars are parked in front of the building, which has been identified as the First National Bank of Port Arthur, in the background, and a crowd of people watch from the sidewalk.
[Aerial View City and Waterways]
Photograph of aerial view of Port Arthur with boat in the waterway and Lake Sabine in the background. Handwritten on the reverse: "Urban Renewal" "Tenth St., Look East, 7-28-20"
[Band on Stage "Cantu Serenadors"]
Photograph of a band on stage with "Cantu Serenadors" with guitarist standing in front. The band members are seated posing with their instruments from left to right, drummer, standing bass player, two trumpet players, two violinists, and a pianist.
[Board of Directors 1931 Texaco Welfare League]
Photograph of the Board of Directors for the Texaco Welfare League in 1931. Fifteen men wearing suits and ties are standing on the steps of a building between two light posts.
[Butt End of Concrete Pile after Completion of Driving]
Photograph of square block of concrete partially in the ground with a rope beside it.
[Cannon Balls on Floor]
Photograph of nine cannon balls and another munition on the floor of a library or museum with taxidermy animals in the background.
[Cars Waiting for Ferry]
Photograph of cars waiting to cross the Neches River with billboards and small store in the background with a Coa-Cola sign. Handwritten on the reverse of the photograph: "Waiting for the ferry to cross the Neches River before PA - Orange bridge was built -- 1934".
[CavOilCade Party for Queen]
Photograph of young couple with the boy in tuxedo escorting a girl wearing a full-length gown with long white gloves and corsage carrying a wrapped gift while onlookers watch and applaud.
[Child in Front of Plant]
Photograph of a little girl with a large ribbon in her hair standing in front of a plant and several trees.
[Children on Porch Steps]
Photograph of a large group of children sitting on the steps of a porch in front of a house.
[Coastal Coaches Bus to Port Arthur]
Photograph of "Coastal Coaches, Inc." white bus displaying "Pt. Arthur" as the destination. The bus is parked on the street in a residential neighborhood in front of small clapboard sided house with a front porch.
[Drum Line on Football Field]
Photograph of the Thomas Jefferson Senior High School drum line on a football field. Four men in uniforms hold guns and flags, and a small child stands in front of them. Bleachers and a mountain are visible in the background.
[Ship at Dock]
Photograph of a ship with one stack. An American flag is flying on the stern with two other flags hoisted on the masts.
[Siege of Santiago, San Juan Hill]
Photograph of San Juan Hill in Cuba. During the Spanish-American War the Siege of Santiago took place here from July 4-17, 1898. The name Mr. E. C. Rost. appears below the photograph.
[Siege of Santiago Site, "24th Infantry Intrenchments"]
Photograph of the Siege of Santiago site showing the "24th Infantry Intrenchments" and camp near El Caney where the 24th Infantry served under Teddy Roosevelt's command. Captioned with Siege of Santiago, July 4-17, 1898, Lieut. W. L. Murphy, 24th Infantry.
[Sports Wall]
Photograph of corner wall display of various sports photographs, trophy plaques, and jerseys. The sports displayed include: boxing, football, and golf. Below the display area is a desk with a typewriter on it and a chair.
[Studio Portrait of Young Man in Suit and Tie]
Photograph of a young man with short dark hair wearing a suit and tie.
[Texaco Corner Service Station]
Photograph of corner Texaco gas service station. Tanner's auto supply with signs advertising recapping, vulcanizing, and wheels aligned. Other businesses and homes are adjacent and in the background.
[Train Bar Car]
Photograph of a lady seated in a train car with the chairs and tables lined up along the sides to form an aisle. On the reverse in handwriting: "Southern Belle Train, Hazel Turnbull, sitting at bar"
[Train being transported on a barge "El Grande" with a tugboat]
Photograph of barge named "El Grande" transporting a train engine and several train cars with a tug boat alongside.
[Trolley Car Crew and Cars in Barn]
Photograph of thirteen trolley car crew members and cars in trolley car barn. Ten men in eleven men in conductor's uniforms with hats. One man in a suit and tie with a hat. One man wearing overalls and a hat. Two of the men are seated inside one of the cars looking out the window.
[Victorian style home with workers]
Photograph of picture postcard image of a large Victorian style home with nine workers in front of rounded porch. Second story balcony over the porch. One of the workers is seated on the steps, the other eight are standing. One is wearing overalls, another holds a hat to his side.
[W. D. Ward & Co. Building and Baggage Transfer Service]
Photograph of a business building, W. D. Ward & Co. with their "Lighting Express" baggage transfer delivery service in front which consists of a car pulling a trailer with slats. In the car is one passenger and in the wagon or trailer is a man holding a dog with a girl, possibly with her head bandaged, beside him.
[Wrecked cars in front of "Frank's Wrecker Service"]
Photograph of two wrecked cars sitting in front of a sign reading " 24 hour service, Frank's Wrecker Service". Gulf station and record/radio shop in the background. Handwritten on the back of the photograph, "2400 -- 16th St."
[Gulf Oil Refinery]
Photograph of aerial view of the Gulf Oil refinery.
[Hampton Furniture and Appliance Dealer with Speed Queen Wringer Washers]
Photograph of interior of an appliance store showing a line of seven Speed Queen wringer washing machines. Sitting on the wash machines and on a table beside them is "Rinso" brand tub washing soap. In the background is a row of six Philco refrigerators with an advertising display for them. Handwritten on the reverse of the photo: "Hampton Furniture"
[House with man and woman standing in front]
Photograph of a house with a man and woman standing in front of large porch on a sunny day. The man is wearing a suit and tie with a hat. The lady is wearing a dress and a small hat.
[J.B. Jameson Gas Station]
Photograph of small white cinder block building with "J.B. Jameson, Groceries, Beer" painted on the side with a Coca-Cola sign also. There are two fuel pumps out front with mail boxes to the back of the building. On the reverse of the photograph is the handwritten address: "Orange Rd. & Stadium Rd."
[Janis Joplin Album Covers on Folding Display Wall]
Photograph of Janis Joplin album covers, photographs, and memorabilia on a folding display wall in front of magazine stacks.
[Jefferson County Commissioners]
Photograph of Jefferson County Commissioners five men in suits and ties, three seated and two standing: "helped on Gulfgate Bridge and highways". Handwritten on back: "Seated: Comm. Ted Wacker, Jdg. Chester Young, Comm Lamar Lawson, Standing: Norman Troy, T.B. Bellson" (spelling?)
[Ladies Aboard a Texas Houseboat]
Photograph of ladies dressed up with hats, suits, and dresses aboard a houseboat named the "Ava". Handwritten on the reverse of the photograph is: "Texas Co. Houseboat, 1949".
[Lady in Black with Fan and Purse]
Photograph of a seated older lady wearing black clothing including a hat with a veil. She is holding a small strapped purse and a closed fan while wearing black gloves.
[Lake Sabine Levee]
Photograph of Port Arthur and Lake Sabine levee.
[Library display case]
Photograph of library or museum display case. In the foreground is a typewriter and computer. On the wall behind the display case are two pictures with one reading "Rauschenberg"
[Library Interior with a Lighthouse Lens, Display Cases, Sculpture, and Wall Hangings]
Photograph of interior room of a library or museum with a lighthouse lens and display cases. A sculpture of a man with a guitar is in the background beside the lighthouse lens. On the back two walls are pictures, photographs, and painting of a young woman seated by the sea.
[Electric Streetcar with Conductors]
Photograph of 7th Street electric streetcar with two uniformed conductors or workers.
[First CavOilCade Dinner]
Photograph of rows of dinners seated and eating with a head table in the background. On the curtain behind reads "We Appreciate Your Faith in Port Arthur". Handwritten on the reverse of the photograph: "1st celebration of CavOilCade" "Oct. 14, 1952 - dinner to salute oil industry. Became CavOilCade in 1953." "Valuable, return picture to: Lyle Vickers, 300 Plaza Circle, Port Arthur, TX."
[First National Bank Corner with Clock]
Photograph of First National Bank corner with other businesses down the street in the background. On the reverse: "Port Neches" "James Everett, 3217 Allison Ave., Groves, TX 77619-2706, (409) 962-7816, Date: 1944, Number: 1377A"
[First National Bank Street Corner]
Photograph of First National Bank street corner showing cars parked beside and in front of the store with a boy in shorts leaning on the building wall. A grocery store is attached next door to the bank. Awning sign reading "Red & White Food Stores", and window sign "Welch & Co. Groceries"
[Folding wall display with Janis Joplin album covers]
Photograph of folding wall display in front of stacks and magazine racks. On the display wall are photographs and phonograph album covers of Janis Joplin albums.
[Football Team in White Uniforms]
Photograph of 11 man football team, possibly high school. The team photo shows them wearing their white jerseys posing on the field with the football.
[Fred Miller Bicycle Trucks and Rairoad Car]
Photograph of Fred Miller standing in front of his pick-up truck with another crate filled flat bed truck behind. In the background is a wooden "Burlington Route" box car. Advertising displayed on the door of the pick-up reads: " Fred Miller, Bicycles, Hardware & Pets, 526 Austin Ave. Dial 5519" and "Fishing tackle, We make keys" on the side.
[Girls Basketball Team]
Photograph of girls basketball team with coach. Sixteen girls wearing their school or gym uniforms with their male coach or possibly principal. The girl holding the basketball is in the front row center. The ball has " '21" marked on it possibly indicating the photo was taken in 1921.
[Granger's Restaurant at Sabine Pass]
Photograph of Granger's Restaurant exterior view with fish shaped sign reading "Granger's" and another sign which reads "Granger's, fish-oysters", "seafood". Four cars are parked up close the restaurant and the awnings over the windows are drawn in. Handwritten on the reverse of the photo: " 1939, Famous Granger's at Sabine Pass, Burned to Ground"
[Gulf Gas Station with Tire and Service Station]
Photograph of Gulf gas station with gas pumps and signs reading "Flats Fixed", "Vulcanizing, Recapping". Service station attached with signs reading "Viator Auto Service" "welding, painting, auto service, general repairing" Car being repaired with worker up under the hood, man standing in front and a few others standing around behind near other cars and a bicycle.
[Picture postcard of man holding up the "world's smallest woman" "Princess Victoria"]
Photograph of picture postcard showing man holding up with one hand a small woman. Signed "Yours for Tininess, Princess Victoria" with a flourish. On the reverse: "Tuck's Post Card" " World's smallest Little Lady, Born at Melbourne, Australia, Age 23 Years, Weight 19 3/4 Lbs., Height 25 1/2 Inches." "The smallest entertainer the world has ever known." In large print "Elks Royal Theatre, Port Arthur, Texas, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Nov. 27th, 28th and 29th"
[Pipe Sleve End of Precast Pile Extension]
Photograph of the pipe sleeve end of precast pile extension with measuring ruler.