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[High School class photograph]

Description: Photograph of a Port Arthur High School class. There are three rows of students with some seated and some standing. The girls are all wearing dresses and have their hair pulled back, and the boys are wearing suits and ties. The class teacher stands in the middle of the group behind a chalkboard with each person's name written on it.
Date: unknown

[Series of Barrels]

Description: Photograph of a line of barrels on a railway platform outside of a building. There are six barrels, four made of wood and two of metal. Text in the lower-right corner of the photograph reads, "Plate No. 7570, 5-1-27." An accompanying card (which has the Texaco logo at the bottom) labels the photograph as "Original type asphalt product packages" and the same text is handwritten on the back of the photograph.
Date: May 1, 1927

[Barrel Construction]

Description: Photograph of a man constructing a barrel with machinery inside of a warehouse. He is wearing protective gloves, boots, an apron, and a hat, and is working on one of two barrels on what appears to be an assembly line. There are other machines and tools shown in the background. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo at the bottom) labels the photograph "Making barrels in the Cooper shop."
Date: unknown

[Making Accessories for Containers]

Description: Photograph of an assembly line of seated women working in what appears to be a factory or warehouse, with one man standing near the front. The assembly line extends to the other end of the room and there are cables running from each station to the ceiling. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo at the bottom) labels the photograph "Making accessories for containers."
Date: unknown

[Texaco Products Display]

Description: Photograph of an assortment of Texaco products arranged in front of a display with plants and a curtain. The display includes different types of motor oil canisters, buckets for axle grease, and lubricant packages. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on the bottom) labels the photograph "Display of Texaco products packaged in the early days."
Date: unknown

[View of Port Arthur Terminal]

Description: Photograph of the Port Arthur Terminal, showing buildings and a handful of people in the foreground and multiple boats in the port in the background. The bottom right hand of the photograph has writing that reads "MFT 10405 P.A.T. 1901." An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on it) labels the photograph "1901 View of Port Arthur Terminal."
Date: unknown

[Rotary-Type Filler]

Description: Photograph of five men standing around a rotary-type filler with tins of inside what appears to be a warehouse. Three of the men are holding carts up to the rotary, and two men in the background are watching. There is another large type of machine on the left. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on the bottom) labels the photograph: "Rotary-type filler used before World War I to fill 5-gallon tins of kerosine [sic] & gasoline."
Date: unknown

[Petroleum Container Manufacturing]

Description: Photograph of workers inside a factory making containers for petroleum products with various tools and machinery. All of the workers are female, besides one man near the center of the image. The photograph is dated on the bottom right corner with the date 3-2-26. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on the bottom) labels the photograph "Manufacturing containers for petroleum products."
Date: March 2, 1926

[View of the Plant]

Description: Photograph of the Port Neches Works Plant, looking north. Multiple round structures and a series of buildings cover the grounds, and there is a road and railroad tracks to the west. The upper left hand corner reads "Port Neches Works, looking north 1952." Handwriting on the back and an accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on the bottom) label the photograph "View of the Plant looking north."
Date: 1952

[Later View of Plant]

Description: Photograph of a works plant by a river. There are multiple large buildings and three large smokestacks with smoke coming out of them. There is a road along the side of the plant and a river behind it. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on the bottom) labels the photograph "Later view."
Date: unknown

[Texaco Trade Fair Exhibit]

Description: Photograph of a roofing exhibit made by Texaco asphalt products. The exhibit is a covered patio that has Texaco slate covered shingles on its roof. There are women standing near the patio and a man underneath it. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo at the bottom) labels the photograph "Texaco trade fair exhibit features asphalt roofing products."
Date: unknown

[Fleet of Wagons]

Description: Photograph of a line of Texaco tank wagons on a railway platform in front of three buildings. There are five men standing on the platform in front of the wagons, and one man sitting on top of a wagon. Text in the lower-left corner of the photograph reads, "Fleet of the Texas Company's wagons at Port Arthur." An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo at the bottom) labels the scene "Fleet of Texaco Tank Wagons," which is also hand-written on the back of the photograph.
Date: unknown

[Entrance to the Refinery]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Company Refinery, from the Houston Avenue entrance. There is a road leading into the refinery on the right side of the photograph, with two visible wagons on it. There are multiple buildings with smokestacks in the background, and two large round structures in the left middle ground. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo at the bottom) labels the photograph, "Houseton Avenue Entrance to the Refinery 1910--12."
Date: unknown

[Girls in swimming dresses]

Description: Photograph of six girls in swimming dresses at the Old Gates Pier. Three are standing on the back of a bench, and the other three are seated on the back of it. The seated girl on the left and the girls that are standing are looking off to the right of the photograph, and the two girls on the right are looking towards the camera. The girl on the far left is resting her hands on her head. Text on the top and bottom border reads, "On Loan: Mrs. C. E. Yates. Picture taken at the northeast corner on the end of the Old Gates Pier. Standing: Beryl Coe, Della Price, Mrs. Kyle Elam, nee Mary McFarland. Seated: Mrs. Wm. Haley, nee Annie Laurie Kennedy, Mattie Wirtz, Unknown."
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Elderly Men at a High School Reunion]

Description: Photograph of group of men at their sixtieth high school reunion at a Wyatt's Cafeteria in Port Arthur, Texas. They are, from left to right, Harry Gorbens, Steve Vaught, Mason Barron, and Bennie Jarratt.
Date: April 24, 1982

[Photograph of Mary E. Donaldson]

Description: Photograph of Port Arthur High School teacher Mary E. Donaldson. She is wearing a white dress and gauzy material around her neck. The reverse side of the photo has handwritten notes including her name, her profession, and that she gave this photo to Frances Furchner in 1921.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of August and Theresa Furchner, 1900]

Description: Photograph of August and Theresa Furchner posing for a portrait. August Furchner is sitting in a wicker chair to the left, wearing a suit and hat. His wife Theresa is standing to the right with a hand on her husband's shoulder. She is wearing a floral embroidered dress with a striped collar and a floral hat.
Date: 1900

[Photograph of Frances and Augusta Furchner]

Description: Photograph of Frances (younger and to the left) and Augusta (right) Furchner. The young children are wearing white dress and standing in front of a painted landscape background. The bottom of the mat is imprinted with the words "Dailey Texas." The reverse side of the mat has been written upon with the names of the children, listing Augusta as Augusta Furchner Bolew.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Theresa Furchner, May 1938]

Description: Photograph of Theresa Furchner standing in a dress beside a palm tree. A house and more trees can be seen in the background. The reverse side of the photo says "My mother Theresa Furchner Trip to her homeland in May 1938"
Date: May 1938

[Photograph of Aerial View of Port Arthur, 1945]

Description: Photograph of Port Arthur, Texas, with an aerial view of the courthouse, bridge, Pleasure Island, and YMCA. The courthouse stands in the stone building in the center of the photo, surrounded by streets that are lined with cars. The bridge is raised for a passing boat. Beyond the bridge, a roller coaster can be seen. The Watkins Studio mark is in the bottom right corner.
Date: August 1, 1945
Creator: Watkins Studio

[Photograph of Aerial View of Rainbow Bridge, 1957]

Description: Photograph with aerial view of the Rainbow Bridge spanning the Neches River near Port Arthur, Texas. Shadows of several clouds dot the landscape. A ship is passing underneath the bridge. Several canals branch off from the river on its way to Sabine Lake, which encompasses much of the background. The other side of the photo has a handwritten note saying that this was a gift of A. W. Catanach, 1992.
Date: August 2, 1957
Creator: Watkins Studio

[Photograph of the Franklin Drug Store in Port Arthur, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the Franklin Drug store in Port Arthur, Texas. A large white sign hangs over the entrance, noting the name of the store and of E. K. Skinner, registered pharmacist. The doors are closed, and both the doors and windows are decked with flyers.
Date: unknown