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[Photograph of Men Celebrating on a Small Island, 1899]

Description: Photograph of men gathered to celebrate the completion of the Port Arthur Canal from Sabine Pass to Taylor Bayou. From left to right: a fisherman called "Frenchy" sitting in a boat; Peter Lamp; Captain Evans; Colonel Jim Furlong; M. R. Bos; N. N. Beels (holding flag); A. N. Scott; J. W. Carr; A. J. M. Vuylsteke; Frank Cummins; Peter Stock; and L. Schuh. Sitting: Billy Farrell; A. Spence; D. L. Stump; Hans Falsenburg; and E. A. Laughlin. They are gathered on a small island, with a boat visible nearby to the right. The reverse side of the photo has the handwritten names of those involved.
Date: 1899

[Buildings and People in Port Arthur]

Description: Two photographs taken in Port Arthur, Texas. The top photograph shows the exterior of the old Sabine Hotel. A horse-drawn carriage is stopped in front of the porch, where a group of people stand. In the bottom photo, a large group of men and boys in swimming outfits sit and stand on the grass.
Date: 1895

[Photograph of the Schreck Family]

Description: Photograph of the Frank S. Schreck family posing for a portrait. From left to right: Frank is standing behind a drum and dressed in a tasseled military uniform, complete with a saber at his side; baby Ursula is sitting on a tall stool and wearing a white dress; mother Ursula is in a dark dress, sitting down and holding a bow; child Enrique (Henry) is seated and wearing a uniform like his brother's; Frank S. Schreck is seated next to his wife, wearing a dark suit, and has his left hand on son Alfonso's shoulder; Alfonso is also wearing a military uniform and holding a bugle; Leo is similarly dressed and has a bow across his back. There is a painted woodland scene in the background, and the family is standing on an animal skin rug. The reverse side of the photo contains two handwritten notes; the first says: "Matamoros, June 3d, 1899 To our dear sister Mrs. Anna B. Schreck and her dear and sweet family, as a token of sin-cere affecton. Frank Schreck and Ursula Fuente[...]r Schreck." The note in the lower-left conrer says "Oct. 5-, 1956. To my cousin E. E. Schreck, Leo. M. Schreck."
Date: June 3, 1899

[Photographs of Harriet and Edith Carr]

Description: Photographs of Harriet and her daughter, Edith Carr. The larger photograph features Edith Carr standing to the left side of the photo, wearing a dark dress. Immediately to the right is Edith wearing a white dress and riding in an early baby carriage. The photograph was taken at the side of a building with windows on either end of the frame and a large rose bush creeping up the building between them. A smaller rose bush is crowing under the window to the right. On the bottom right of the mat is a small photograph of Harriet and Edith Carr. Harriet is shown from the chest up and is wearing a white dress and a round, ribboned hat. She is holding Edith, who is wearing a white dress and bonnet. The reverse side of the mat contains information about both pictures, including their home address and that the baby buggy was the first in Port Arthur.
Date: 1899~