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[Petroleum Container Manufacturing]

Description: Photograph of workers inside a factory making containers for petroleum products with various tools and machinery. All of the workers are female, besides one man near the center of the image. The photograph is dated on the bottom right corner with the date 3-2-26. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on the bottom) labels the photograph "Manufacturing containers for petroleum products."
Date: March 2, 1926

[Series of Barrels]

Description: Photograph of a line of barrels on a railway platform outside of a building. There are six barrels, four made of wood and two of metal. Text in the lower-right corner of the photograph reads, "Plate No. 7570, 5-1-27." An accompanying card (which has the Texaco logo at the bottom) labels the photograph as "Original type asphalt product packages" and the same text is handwritten on the back of the photograph.
Date: May 1, 1927

[Port Arthur parade float]

Description: Postcard of the Miss Port Arthur parade float. The float is shaped like a boat, and there are people dressed in sailor suits aboard it. There are cars driving on the opposite side, and the parade appears to be going down a residential street. The back of the postcard is blank.
Date: 1923

[Men by Three Cars]

Description: Photograph of three men, all members of flood relief, standing by three cars in Port Arthur, Texas. Buildings are visible in the background. They are, from left to right, E. Moore, J. Eicheshow, and L. Ellodin.
Date: June 3, 1927

Cracking Plant for West Texas Crude

Description: Photograph of equipment driving pilings for a structural foundation. The two pile drivers can be seen midfield to the left of a pile of wood. Small houses and a refinery are visible in the background, while the foreground is dominated by a canal and pipework. The reverse side of the photo has a typed description stating the foundation is for "four 78' x 40' x 10" tanks that to be built in reservoir tract by Riter-Conley."
Date: April 16, 1929

[Basketball Team]

Description: Photograph of boys in basketball uniforms in two rows in front of a building in Port Arthur. Four of them sit on a bench with a basketball between the middle two boys, and four more boys and their coach stand behind the bench. The logos on the boys' uniforms and the text on the basketball have been colored yellow.
Date: 1922

[Queen of Port Arthur]

Description: Photograph of Mary Donaldson sitting on the edge of chair with a painting of a flower on the back. She holds a scepter in her arms and wears a long trailing cloak and a crown. She was crowned the Queen of Port Arthur's Silver Celebration in 1927.
Date: July 4, 1927

[Shipping float in parade]

Description: Postcard of a float in a parade with one large ship and one small ship on it. It is being drawn by horses, and two men sit at the front. The banner on the float reads, "Shipping Growth," and states the growth in numbers of ships. There are houses in the background with people watching from the porches, and other cars driving along the other side of the float.
Date: 1923

[Princess of Port Neches]

Description: Postcard of a man driving a woman in a convertible in a parade. The woman is sitting underneath an umbrella, and a sign on the car reads, "Princess of Port Neches." The man driving is wearing a suit and a hat and the car is decorated with streamers. There is a large building or house in the background with spectators watching from the porch. There are two other visible cars behind the one in the foreground.
Date: 1923

[Princess of Nederland]

Description: Postcard of a flower-covered automobile in a parade. A man wearing a suit and hat drives the car down a road with houses, other cars, and large plants in the background. There is a person sitting next to the driver, holding a sign that reads, "Princess of Nederland," and a woman sits in the back of the car beneath an umbrella that is also covered in flowers.
Date: 1923

[Photograph of Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, 1923]

Description: Photograph of Mary Elizabeth Donaldson as the Queen of Port Arthur's 25th Anniversary celebration in Texas. She is sitting to the right, wearing a beaded crown and a beaded dress with a long train bunched around her feet. She's holding a scepter across her lap. There is a painted woodland scene in the background. The photo is contained in a greenish grey paper folder. The front flap is stamped with a pattern and has "The Studio Miss Woods Prop Port Arthur" printed upon it.
Date: 1923
Creator: The Studio

[Photograph of Canal Bank in Port Arthur, Texas, February 2, 1922]

Description: Photograph of the Port Arthur, Texas, ship canal and bridge showing signs of erosion. The grass and sand of the bank shows vehicle tracks, leading back past power lines and towards houses. The mid portion of the photo displays the bridge raised over the canal with some people standing along the structure. On the lower right portion of the photo is a dated note describing the view.
Date: February 2, 1922