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[Opening Day at Seahawk Stadium]

Description: Photograph of a baseball team and a group of men in suits standing behind B. T. McWhorter, who speaks at a microphone on the field on opening day of Seahawk Stadium in Port Arthur, Texas. The men in suits are identified, from left to right, as Dick Olliver of Port Arthur News, Tom Dennis, Lee Eagleson, Mayor Nick Norris, Tony Durso, an unknown man, and Lyle Vickers. Spectators sit in the stands to the right.
Date: unknown

[Gulf Oil Tennis Club]

Description: Photograph of a large group of people sitting on the porch of a building to watch a tennis match at the Gulf Oil Tennis Club in Port Arthur, Texas. Several more people stand on the court, holding tennis rackets, and the net is visible to the right. F. E. "Gene" Gifford and his wife Florence are seated on the porch, fourth and fifth from the left.
Date: 1908

[Truck Decorated with Flags]

Description: Photograph of a truck decorated with American flags and a banner on the side which reads: "The Greatest Mother". An elderly couple, a woman dressed in white with a nurse's cross on her veil, and a small girl ride in the truck bed. Houses and horses are visible in the background.
Date: unknown