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[Jefferson County Commissioners]

Description: Photograph of Jefferson County Commissioners five men in suits and ties, three seated and two standing: "helped on Gulfgate Bridge and highways". Handwritten on back: "Seated: Comm. Ted Wacker, Jdg. Chester Young, Comm Lamar Lawson, Standing: Norman Troy, T.B. Bellson" (spelling?)
Date: unknown

[First CavOilCade Dinner]

Description: Photograph of rows of dinners seated and eating with a head table in the background. On the curtain behind reads "We Appreciate Your Faith in Port Arthur". Handwritten on the reverse of the photograph: "1st celebration of CavOilCade" "Oct. 14, 1952 - dinner to salute oil industry. Became CavOilCade in 1953." "Valuable, return picture to: Lyle Vickers, 300 Plaza Circle, Port Arthur, TX."
Date: October 14, 1952

[First National Bank Street Corner]

Description: Photograph of First National Bank street corner showing cars parked beside and in front of the store with a boy in shorts leaning on the building wall. A grocery store is attached next door to the bank. Awning sign reading "Red & White Food Stores", and window sign "Welch & Co. Groceries"
Date: 1944
Creator: James Everett

[Fred Miller Bicycle Trucks and Rairoad Car]

Description: Photograph of Fred Miller standing in front of his pick-up truck with another crate filled flat bed truck behind. In the background is a wooden "Burlington Route" box car. Advertising displayed on the door of the pick-up reads: " Fred Miller, Bicycles, Hardware & Pets, 526 Austin Ave. Dial 5519" and "Fishing tackle, We make keys" on the side.
Date: 1944
Creator: Everett, James

[Girls Basketball Team]

Description: Photograph of girls basketball team with coach. Sixteen girls wearing their school or gym uniforms with their male coach or possibly principal. The girl holding the basketball is in the front row center. The ball has " '21" marked on it possibly indicating the photo was taken in 1921.
Date: unknown

[Granger's Restaurant at Sabine Pass]

Description: Photograph of Granger's Restaurant exterior view with fish shaped sign reading "Granger's" and another sign which reads "Granger's, fish-oysters", "seafood". Four cars are parked up close the restaurant and the awnings over the windows are drawn in. Handwritten on the reverse of the photo: " 1939, Famous Granger's at Sabine Pass, Burned to Ground"
Date: 1939

[Gulf Gas Station with Tire and Service Station]

Description: Photograph of Gulf gas station with gas pumps and signs reading "Flats Fixed", "Vulcanizing, Recapping". Service station attached with signs reading "Viator Auto Service" "welding, painting, auto service, general repairing" Car being repaired with worker up under the hood, man standing in front and a few others standing around behind near other cars and a bicycle.
Date: 1944
Creator: Everett, James

[Picture postcard of man holding up the "world's smallest woman" "Princess Victoria"]

Description: Photograph of picture postcard showing man holding up with one hand a small woman. Signed "Yours for Tininess, Princess Victoria" with a flourish. On the reverse: "Tuck's Post Card" " World's smallest Little Lady, Born at Melbourne, Australia, Age 23 Years, Weight 19 3/4 Lbs., Height 25 1/2 Inches." "The smallest entertainer the world has ever known." In large print "Elks Royal Theatre, Port Arthur, Texas, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Nov. 27th, 28th and 29th"
Date: unknown