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[Men Lined up at Bar]

Description: Photograph of Newport Bar interior, with men lined up at the counter. There are seven men at the bar wearing hats and suits, and two bartenders behind the counter. The short man near the middle of the photograph is identified as Percy Silliman. The back of the photograph has a handwritten note that reads, "Percy Silliman, 'short one,' Elton's Dad."
Date: unknown

[Interior of Newport Bar]

Description: Photograph of the interior of Newport Bar with a group of men lined up at the counter. The men are wearing suits and hats; some are holding drinks and some are holding cigars. There is one man on the left side of the photograph with his back facing the camera. There are a large number of birds on a shelf that goes along the walls of the whole room, and large fish mounted behind the bar.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Sarah Courts King]

Description: Photograph of a woman identified as Sarah Courts King, the first Anglo child born in Sabine Pass in 1836. She has dark hair and is wearing a long-sleeved black dress, black gloves, and bonnet, and looking away from the camera to the right. There is a card on the back of the photograph that reads, "Sarah Courts King. Family settled in Sabine Pass 1829. First white child born in the city, February 14, 1836. Born under Mexican Flag and lived under the Six Flags of Texas."
Date: unknown

[Men Standing on Grain Dock]

Description: Photograph of a group of men of different nationalities on a grain dock. They are standing in a line across the dock and there are two boats and a large ship in the background. Six of the men are seated. The back of the photograph has a list of each person and their nationalities. It identifies the men from left to right: E.A. Laughlin (American, Lumber Yard), unknown (Holland), Dick Schultz (American, Saloon), L. Schuh (Germany, Barber Shop & Shoe Store), D.A. Schumaker (American, Sanitary Dept.), Peter Stock (Denmark, Building & Saloon), unknown (Holland), G.M. Craig (American), Oberhotz (American, Barber Shop), Frank Ireland (Holland, Shell & Gravel), Col. Jim Furlong (Ireland, Old Sabine Hotel), Peter Lamp (American, Rooming House). Seated on dock: J.W. Carr (England, Realtor), Howe (Denmark), Alfred Spence (Sweden), D.L. Stump (American, Port Arthur News). The Barge is identified as Parague of Orange, Texas and the ship is identified as Bancroft S.S.
Date: 1901

[Interior of Newport Bar and Cafe]

Description: Photograph of the interior of Newport Bar and Cafe, owned by Gus and Alice Migurski. There is a bar counter with bar stools on the left side of the photograph, and two people standing near another counter and what appears to be a cash register on the right side of the photograph. There are large windows on the right wall, and tables and chairs with one man sitting down in the back of the room. There is a woman standing in a white dress in the far background, and large fish decorate the wall. There is handwriting on the back of the photograph that reads, "Newport Bar & Cafe. Donated by Elton & Kathleen Silliman. Elton was nephew of Gus & Alice Migurski who owned the Bar & Cafe."
Date: unknown

[Men Drinking at Bar]

Description: Photograph of the interior of Newport Bar and a group of men drinking. The three men near the center of the photograph are holding up their drinks and smiling at the camera. One man near the right is laughing and looking off to the side. The bartender is leaning against the back counter and looking forward. There are large fish and birds mounted around the room.
Date: unknown

[Two Women and Dog]

Description: Photograph of two women identified as Edith and Amelia Carr. They are seated outside with a dog, and there are large plants behind them. Handwriting on the back of the photograph states that they are at 300 5th Street.
Date: 1921

[Photograph of a Family on a Porch]

Description: Photograph of a family together on a porch. In the back, a woman in white and a man in a collar shirt stand on either side of an open door. In front of them sit a younger male in a vest on the left, with an older couple sitting in front of the door. A man holding a book titled "Black Mountain Ranch" is leaning against a tree to the right.
Date: unknown

[Boat in a Parade]

Description: Photograph of a boat shaped float in a W. O. W. Parade. It is driving through the middle of a street, and children on the right side of the photograph are watching it pass in front of them. Other bystanders can be seen in the background.
Date: August 10, 1916