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[Fruit and Dairy Farm]

Description: Postcard of John Gates' Farm in Port Arthur, Texas. The view is from across the street and there is a small road and fence in front of the farm. There is one large, two-story building on the right with a porch. Two other smaller buildings are on the left, which appear to be barns. The caption beneath the photograph reads, "John W. Gates' Model Truck, Fruit and Dairy Farm, Port Arthur, Tex." The back of the postcard has partially illegible handwriting written on it.
Date: unknown

[View of Sabine After Flood]

Description: Postcard of the town of Sabine after a flood. There is a man in the foreground leaning down to pick up a chair out of the water. The street is covered with large puddles, and buildings and stores in the background have been damaged. The writing on the front of the photograph dates it September 16-17, 1915. The back of the postcard has a handwritten note about the flood, addressed to Port Arthur, Texas.
Date: 1915

[Texas Company parade float]

Description: Postcard of the Texas Company parade float going down a road, followed by two people carrying flags. Spectators holding umbrellas and wearing hats line the opposite side of the road, and two people watch from railroad tracks in the foreground. The float itself is shaped like the Texas Company factory, with buildings and smokestacks.
Date: 1923

[Covered wagon in parade]

Description: Postcard of a covered wagon drawn by two horses in a parade. The side of the wagon reads, "1898 Port Arthur or Bust." The horses have American flags attached to the harnesses on their heads. There are two men riding in the front of the wagon, one has a pipe in his mouth, and a line of spectators in the background behind them.
Date: unknown

[View of parade crowd]

Description: Postcard of a parade crowd on Proctor St. in Port Arthur. There is a large group of people on both sides of the street, and spectators are looking on from above in building windows. American flags are hanging down across the street. There is a man on a horse in the bottom-left corner of the photograph. The men are dressed in suits and hats and the women are in dresses, and many people are carrying umbrellas.
Date: 1923

[Horses and float in parade]

Description: Postcard of a float in a parade from behind, with horses and multiple people walking alongside. There are women sitting in the float, which is drawn by horses and covered in decorations. There is a large mast or pole on the float that has a sail attached to it. Small children wearing hats are walking behind the float carrying flags, and people observe from porches on houses in the background.
Date: 1923

[Church float in parade]

Description: Postcard of a church float in a parade. There is a man driving and a boy sitting on the front of the car holding a sign that reads, "First Church Built in Port Arthur 1897 - Now has 33 Churches." There are spectators in the background watching from the side of the road and from a balcony on a house.
Date: 1923

[Aerial View of Port Arthur, Texas]

Description: Postcard of Port Arthur seen from the Marconi Radio Tower, dated in the early 1900s. The panoramic view shows Lake Sabine and Port Arthur Highschool on the left, and multiple streets and houses on the right.
Date: unknown

[View of Plaza Hotel]

Description: Postcard of the Plaza Hotel on Lakeshore Drive, dated early 1900s. The photograph was take from in front of Pleasure Pier Bridge. There are telephone poles and wires across the street, and houses can be seen in the distance.
Date: unknown

[Woodsmen of the World Parade]

Description: Postcard of a Woodsmen of the World Parade, dated in the early 1900s. there are cars driving on the road and a marching band walking behind them. Spectators line the opposite side of the street.
Date: unknown

[Debris From Gulf Tanker Explosion]

Description: Postcard of the debris after the explosion of Gulf Tanker "Venezuela." The tanker can be seen by the dock in the distance. The caption written on the photograph reads, "Explosion of the Gulf of Venezuela, Pt Arthur, Tex."
Date: April 11, 1926

[Submarine Driver]

Description: Postcard of a man in a diving suit standing on a dock. He is identified as Nick Kahl, a submarine driver. There are two men standing next to him, and another man in a diving suit climbing out of the water.
Date: unknown

[Horses Hitched to Wagon]

Description: Postcard of horses facing left hitched to a wagon. A man is bending down in front of the horses attaching them to the hitch, and another man is standing behind the wagon. The back of the postcard is stamped by Trost Studio.
Date: unknown
Creator: Trost Studio