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[Photograph of Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown with a Violin]

Description: Photograph of Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown wearing a western style shirt, a cowboy hat, and holding a violin. His autograph is present to the top right of the photograph and dated December 10, 1993. Brown's name is written just below his image, and under that to the left is the address of Alligator Records. Information for Concerted Efforts, Inc. is to the bottom right.
Date: unknown
Creator: Barclay, Robert

[Photograph of James Young and his Band with Vincent Price]

Description: Photograph of James Young and other men dressed in tiger printed clothes, neck ties, sandals, and curly wigs while posing around Vincent Price in a patterned shirt and light slacks and a young woman wearing a lightly colored dress and high heels. Two of the men in tiger print crouch atop a wall on either side of the sitting Vincent Price and the standing woman. On the right side of the picture, another man in tiger print stands behind the crouching James Young. There is a background landscape of a bay surrounded by houses and hills and spanned by the Golden Gate Bridge. At the top and bottom of the photo, "Holliwood Calif" is written in blue ink.
Date: unknown

[View of the Plant]

Description: Photograph of the Port Neches Works Plant, looking north. Multiple round structures and a series of buildings cover the grounds, and there is a road and railroad tracks to the west. The upper left hand corner reads "Port Neches Works, looking north 1952." Handwriting on the back and an accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on the bottom) label the photograph "View of the Plant looking north."
Date: 1952

[View of Port Arthur Terminal]

Description: Photograph of the Port Arthur Terminal, showing buildings and a handful of people in the foreground and multiple boats in the port in the background. The bottom right hand of the photograph has writing that reads "MFT 10405 P.A.T. 1901." An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on it) labels the photograph "1901 View of Port Arthur Terminal."
Date: unknown

[Texaco Products Display]

Description: Photograph of an assortment of Texaco products arranged in front of a display with plants and a curtain. The display includes different types of motor oil canisters, buckets for axle grease, and lubricant packages. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on the bottom) labels the photograph "Display of Texaco products packaged in the early days."
Date: unknown

[Texaco Trade Fair Exhibit]

Description: Photograph of a roofing exhibit made by Texaco asphalt products. The exhibit is a covered patio that has Texaco slate covered shingles on its roof. There are women standing near the patio and a man underneath it. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo at the bottom) labels the photograph "Texaco trade fair exhibit features asphalt roofing products."
Date: unknown

[Making Accessories for Containers]

Description: Photograph of an assembly line of seated women working in what appears to be a factory or warehouse, with one man standing near the front. The assembly line extends to the other end of the room and there are cables running from each station to the ceiling. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo at the bottom) labels the photograph "Making accessories for containers."
Date: unknown

[Fleet of Wagons]

Description: Photograph of a line of Texaco tank wagons on a railway platform in front of three buildings. There are five men standing on the platform in front of the wagons, and one man sitting on top of a wagon. Text in the lower-left corner of the photograph reads, "Fleet of the Texas Company's wagons at Port Arthur." An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo at the bottom) labels the scene "Fleet of Texaco Tank Wagons," which is also hand-written on the back of the photograph.
Date: unknown

[Petroleum Container Manufacturing]

Description: Photograph of workers inside a factory making containers for petroleum products with various tools and machinery. All of the workers are female, besides one man near the center of the image. The photograph is dated on the bottom right corner with the date 3-2-26. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on the bottom) labels the photograph "Manufacturing containers for petroleum products."
Date: March 2, 1926

[Entrance to the Refinery]

Description: Photograph of the Texas Company Refinery, from the Houston Avenue entrance. There is a road leading into the refinery on the right side of the photograph, with two visible wagons on it. There are multiple buildings with smokestacks in the background, and two large round structures in the left middle ground. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo at the bottom) labels the photograph, "Houseton Avenue Entrance to the Refinery 1910--12."
Date: unknown

[Later View of Plant]

Description: Photograph of a works plant by a river. There are multiple large buildings and three large smokestacks with smoke coming out of them. There is a road along the side of the plant and a river behind it. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on the bottom) labels the photograph "Later view."
Date: unknown

[Rotary-Type Filler]

Description: Photograph of five men standing around a rotary-type filler with tins of inside what appears to be a warehouse. Three of the men are holding carts up to the rotary, and two men in the background are watching. There is another large type of machine on the left. An accompanying card (with the Texaco logo on the bottom) labels the photograph: "Rotary-type filler used before World War I to fill 5-gallon tins of kerosine [sic] & gasoline."
Date: unknown

[Men Lined up at Bar]

Description: Photograph of Newport Bar interior, with men lined up at the counter. There are seven men at the bar wearing hats and suits, and two bartenders behind the counter. The short man near the middle of the photograph is identified as Percy Silliman. The back of the photograph has a handwritten note that reads, "Percy Silliman, 'short one,' Elton's Dad."
Date: unknown

[Interior of Newport Bar]

Description: Photograph of the interior of Newport Bar with a group of men lined up at the counter. The men are wearing suits and hats; some are holding drinks and some are holding cigars. There is one man on the left side of the photograph with his back facing the camera. There are a large number of birds on a shelf that goes along the walls of the whole room, and large fish mounted behind the bar.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of the Boogie Kings]

Description: Photograph of the musical group Boogie Kings. The nine men in white blazers and black pants pose with their instruments in two rows, with four of the men standing above the five other sitting or crouching members. "Boogie Kings" is printed over the lower center member. The bottom left portion of the photograph has been printed with the words "World Famous "Blue-Eyed Soul Show." A phone number is printed in the middle of the bottom, and an address is given at the bottom right.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of Sarah Courts King]

Description: Photograph of a woman identified as Sarah Courts King, the first Anglo child born in Sabine Pass in 1836. She has dark hair and is wearing a long-sleeved black dress, black gloves, and bonnet, and looking away from the camera to the right. There is a card on the back of the photograph that reads, "Sarah Courts King. Family settled in Sabine Pass 1829. First white child born in the city, February 14, 1836. Born under Mexican Flag and lived under the Six Flags of Texas."
Date: unknown

[Photograph of the Boogie Kings Performing Onstage]

Description: Photograph of the Boogie Kings performing on stage in white tuxedo jackets. Five men in front play on brass instruments, while two men in the background play on a drum set and guitar, respectively. "The Fabulous Boogie Kings Blue-Eyed Soul" is printed in the top left corner of the photo, and there's a drawn image of an anthropomorphic cat in a white tuxedo near the lower center. Ned Theall's phone number is written in the lower left, Jon Smith's in the lower right. The lower center portion of the photo bears a contact address for "Louisiana's Greatest Rhythm N' Blues Band."
Date: unknown

[Men Standing on Grain Dock]

Description: Photograph of a group of men of different nationalities on a grain dock. They are standing in a line across the dock and there are two boats and a large ship in the background. Six of the men are seated. The back of the photograph has a list of each person and their nationalities. It identifies the men from left to right: E.A. Laughlin (American, Lumber Yard), unknown (Holland), Dick Schultz (American, Saloon), L. Schuh (Germany, Barber Shop & Shoe Store), D.A. Schumaker (American, Sanitary Dept.), Peter Stock (Denmark, Building & Saloon), unknown (Holland), G.M. Craig (American), Oberhotz (American, Barber Shop), Frank Ireland (Holland, Shell & Gravel), Col. Jim Furlong (Ireland, Old Sabine Hotel), Peter Lamp (American, Rooming House). Seated on dock: J.W. Carr (England, Realtor), Howe (Denmark), Alfred Spence (Sweden), D.L. Stump (American, Port Arthur News). The Barge is identified as Parague of Orange, Texas and the ship is identified as Bancroft S.S.
Date: 1901

[Portrait of Tiny Moore]

Description: Photograph of Tiny Moore,visible from the chest up, posing with a violin. Moore is wearing a patterned shirt with bolo tie, a jacket, and a straw cowboy hat. He has the violin under his right arm and angled across his body, and has his bow in his right hand. Text printed under the photograph includes his name and the address and phone number for an unidentified company in Sacramento, California.
Date: unknown

[Interior of Newport Bar and Cafe]

Description: Photograph of the interior of Newport Bar and Cafe, owned by Gus and Alice Migurski. There is a bar counter with bar stools on the left side of the photograph, and two people standing near another counter and what appears to be a cash register on the right side of the photograph. There are large windows on the right wall, and tables and chairs with one man sitting down in the back of the room. There is a woman standing in a white dress in the far background, and large fish decorate the wall. There is handwriting on the back of the photograph that reads, "Newport Bar & Cafe. Donated by Elton & Kathleen Silliman. Elton was nephew of Gus & Alice Migurski who owned the Bar & Cafe."
Date: unknown