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[Hampton Furniture and Appliance Dealer with Speed Queen Wringer Washers]

Description: Photograph of interior of an appliance store showing a line of seven Speed Queen wringer washing machines. Sitting on the wash machines and on a table beside them is "Rinso" brand tub washing soap. In the background is a row of six Philco refrigerators with an advertising display for them. Handwritten on the reverse of the photo: "Hampton Furniture"
Date: 1941
Creator: Everett, James

[J.B. Jameson Gas Station]

Description: Photograph of small white cinder block building with "J.B. Jameson, Groceries, Beer" painted on the side with a Coca-Cola sign also. There are two fuel pumps out front with mail boxes to the back of the building. On the reverse of the photograph is the handwritten address: "Orange Rd. & Stadium Rd."
Date: 1944
Creator: Everett, James

[First National Bank Street Corner]

Description: Photograph of First National Bank street corner showing cars parked beside and in front of the store with a boy in shorts leaning on the building wall. A grocery store is attached next door to the bank. Awning sign reading "Red & White Food Stores", and window sign "Welch & Co. Groceries"
Date: 1944
Creator: James Everett

[Fred Miller Bicycle Trucks and Rairoad Car]

Description: Photograph of Fred Miller standing in front of his pick-up truck with another crate filled flat bed truck behind. In the background is a wooden "Burlington Route" box car. Advertising displayed on the door of the pick-up reads: " Fred Miller, Bicycles, Hardware & Pets, 526 Austin Ave. Dial 5519" and "Fishing tackle, We make keys" on the side.
Date: 1944
Creator: Everett, James

[Gulf Gas Station with Tire and Service Station]

Description: Photograph of Gulf gas station with gas pumps and signs reading "Flats Fixed", "Vulcanizing, Recapping". Service station attached with signs reading "Viator Auto Service" "welding, painting, auto service, general repairing" Car being repaired with worker up under the hood, man standing in front and a few others standing around behind near other cars and a bicycle.
Date: 1944
Creator: Everett, James

[Port Arthur High School Band Drum Corps]

Description: Photograph of Port Arthur High School "Red Hussars" drum corps in parade. The girls are wearing skirted uniforms with parade boots. Crowd lines both sides of the street with some people viewing out the window from the upper story of a building. Some spectators are viewing the parade from the back of a pickup truck on the side street with parked cars.
Date: December 1947
Creator: Everett, James

[Inaugural Banquet]

Description: Photograph of a group of men standing behind a table at the inaugural banquet of the Port Arthur Junior Chamber of Commerce, held in the Pleasure Pier ballroom in Port Arthur, Texas. The men are identified as Joe Bogel, Wes Brannon, Clint Dunnigan, Lyle Vickers, Forest Collins, Herbert Halliday, Fred Wilson, Tom Faver, and Ross Harris.
Date: July 1944

[Second Grade Classroom]

Description: Photograph of a second grade class at Carter Elementary School. The children are seated in their desks and facing towards the front of the classroom. The teacher is standing in the back corner of the room and looking towards the camera.
Date: 1940-1950~

[Third Grade Classroom]

Description: Photograph of a third grade class at Carver Elementary School. The children are seated in their desks and facing towards the camera. The teacher is standing on the opposite side of the classroom with her hands on the back of two students' chairs.
Date: 1940-1950~

[Men on Stage]

Description: Photograph of several men, including Kay Kyser, Mayor H. L. "Buzz" Crow, and Mayor Curtis Trahan, standing on a stage in Port Arthur, Texas. Mayor Crow hands a benefit check to Mayor Trahan. A band is visible in the background.
Date: 1947