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Women's Committee Plan YMCA Fund Campaign
Photograph of nine women and men gathered at the end of a covered table. Seated left to right: Mrs. G. S. Donegan; Mrs. W. F. Fredeman; Mrs. Baron; and Mrs. Mike Murphy. Standing: Mrs. H. P. Weber; Mrs. Maxwell Cook; Mrs. Wes Spiegel, Jr.; Euclid Hudson; and A. F. Myers. Typewritten under the photo is a description, noting the people, positions, and dates.
[Rose Hill Manor House with Snow in the Early 1960's]
Photograph of Rose Hill manor house covered with snow in the early 1960's. The lawn and bushes in front of the columned house are also covered with layers of snow.
Texaco Old North Gate Early 1960s
Photograph of the north gate of the Texaco complex in the early 1960s. Several tire tracks are visible in front of the gate, which opens out into a complex of buildings and refineries.
[Eight Men in Office]
Photograph of a group of eight men in suits posing together in an office in Port Arthur, Texas. They are identified, from left to right, as Lyle Vickers, David Wilshire, T. B. Ellison, congressman Jack Brooks, mayor Bernie Sadler, and two unidentified men. The photo has been signed by Jack Brooks to Lyle Vickers.
[Four Men in Front of Helicopter]
Photograph of four men, including Judge Calivet, Chester Young, and Governor John Connally, standing in front of a helicopter. They hold open a large map, preparing to survey flood damage.
[Men at Meeting]
Photograph of a group of men in a room during the first meeting towards getting a seawall in Port Arthur, Texas. A weatherman is standing, and Jo Timms sits beside him, at the front of the room, and there is a map on the wall in the background.
[Meeting About Seawall Improvements]
Photograph of the first meeting about making improvements to the seawall after Hurricane Carla in Port Arthur, Texas. D. S. Turpin, Lyle Vickers, and Buddy Martin sit at the table at the front of the room.
[CavOilCade Party for Queen]
Photograph of young couple with the boy in tuxedo escorting a girl wearing a full-length gown with long white gloves and corsage carrying a wrapped gift while onlookers watch and applaud.
[Chamber of Commerce Meeting]
Photograph of a group of men sitting in a room at a meeting of Port Arthur's Chamber of Commerce after Hurricane Carla. A map hangs on the brick wall in the background.
[Cheerleaders Serving at a Banquet]
Photograph of seven girls from Thomas Jefferson High School, all wearing Hussars sweaters, handing plates of food to several men at a Chamber of Commerce banquet in Port Arthur, Texas.
[Port Commission]
Photograph of five men of the Port Commission sitting around a wooden table in Port Arthur, Texas. A small carving of a ship's wheel hangs on the wall behind the man at the head of the table, and there is a banner on the wall to the left. The men are identified as E. W. McCarthy, Charles Freeman, Capt. W. F. Freeman, Charles Glenwright, and Euclid Hudson.
[New Seawall]
Photograph of the new seawall in Port Arthur, Texas. The ocean is visible in the foreground, and the tops of trees are visible beyond the seawall.
[School After Hurricane Carla]
Photograph of a school building surrounded by high flood waters after Hurricane Carla in Port Arthur, Texas.
[Cars in Front of Police Station]
Photograph of several cars parked on the road outside the police station in Port Arthur, Texas.
[Photograph of Snow in Port Arthur, Texas, February 1960]
Photograph of a snowy front yard in Port Arthur, Texas. A pole and several shrubs are in front of a two story house, and the shadow of the photographer can be seen cast across the snow. Writing on the other side of the photo indicates that this was at 1645 Fifth Street.
[Photograph of Snow in Port Arthur, Texas, February 1960]
Photograph of snow in a yard and street in Port Arthur, Texas. A clothesline pole and chain link fence separate the snow covered yard from the equally snowy street. Cars passing by have created a bare spot in the road. Bare trees, power lines, and houses are in the background. The other side of the photo indicates that this address is 1645 Fifth Street in Port Arthur.
Texaco # 3 FCCU Early 1960's
Photograph of a Texaco fluid catalytic cracking unit expelling steam. A foreground pond is reflecting the image of the plant.
Tex Martin on "Easy Money"
Photograph of Tex Martin riding a bucking horse at a rodeo. A line of cowboys are crouched down underneath a railing and watching, while a more formally dressed crowd watches from the stands.
[Billboard for Safe Driving]
Photograph of Police Officer/Captain Tommy Baxter in front of a billboard for safe driving. He is looking at the billboard with another man in a suit, who is pointing towards it. The billboard reads, "Smart drivers light up at dusk." Writing on the back of the photograph describes the scene and dates it 1961. There is also a stamp that identifies the photographer as J. C. Watkins.
[Group by Monument]
Photograph of Sydalise Fredeman, T. B. Ellison holding a Texas flag, and Percy Toups standing by a monument to Richard Dowling and the men who fought in the Civil War with him, in Port Arthur, Texas. Mrs. Fredeman has placed a wreath with a Confederate flag in the middle in front of the monument.
[Woman by Cemetery Sign]
Photograph of Sydalise Fredeman standing in front of the sign above the entrance to the cemetery where Confederate soldier Richard Dowling is buried in Port Arthur, Texas. The sign reads: "[St. Vincent's] Cemetery Founded 1852. Burial Place of Dick Dowling, hero of Sabine Pass; Samuel Paschal, Hero of San Jacinto; and other Ho[ust]on pioneers".
[Sydalise Fredeman at Gate]
Photograph of Sydalise Fredeman bending over to point at a chain link gate leading into a cemetery in Port Arthur, Texas.
[Dorothy Ingram]
Photograph of Dorothy Ingram. She is wearing glasses and a stripe-patterned top, and her hair is pulled up into a bun. She is shown from the shoulders up and is looking towards the camera.
[Portrait of Dorothy Ingram]
Portrait photograph of Dorothy Ingram. She is wearing a dark jacket and white shirt. Her hair is short and wavy, and she is looking at the camera with a neutral expression.
[Little Girl School Picture]
School photograph of a little girl from Carver Elementary School. She is wearing a white top and has short hair. She is smiling towards the camera.
[Annual Red Cross Meeting Officers]
Photograph of two men in suits and one woman in a dress, at the Annual Red Cross Meeting. They are Officers identified from left to right as Vice Chair Bernis W. Sadler, Treasurer Ross James, and Secretary Dorothy Ingram. Handwriting on the back of the photograph dates it June 24, 1964.