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[Cheerleaders Serving at a Banquet]

Description: Photograph of seven girls from Thomas Jefferson High School, all wearing Hussars sweaters, handing plates of food to several men at a Chamber of Commerce banquet in Port Arthur, Texas.
Date: 1964
Item Type: Photograph

[Group by Monument]

Description: Photograph of Sydalise Fredeman, T. B. Ellison holding a Texas flag, and Percy Toups standing by a monument to Richard Dowling and the men who fought in the Civil War with him, in Port Arthur, Texas. Mrs. Fredeman has placed a wreath with a Confederate flag in the middle in front of the monument.
Date: September 7, 1964
Item Type: Photograph

[Annual Red Cross Meeting Officers]

Description: Photograph of two men in suits and one woman in a dress, at the Annual Red Cross Meeting. They are Officers identified from left to right as Vice Chair Bernis W. Sadler, Treasurer Ross James, and Secretary Dorothy Ingram. Handwriting on the back of the photograph dates it June 24, 1964.
Date: June 24, 1964
Item Type: Photograph

[CavOilCade Party for Queen]

Description: Photograph of young couple with the boy in tuxedo escorting a girl wearing a full-length gown with long white gloves and corsage carrying a wrapped gift while onlookers watch and applaud.
Date: October 1964
Item Type: Photograph