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[Sports Wall]

Description: Photograph of corner wall display of various sports photographs, trophy plaques, and jerseys. The sports displayed include: boxing, football, and golf. Below the display area is a desk with a typewriter on it and a chair.
Date: unknown

[Train Bar Car]

Description: Photograph of a lady seated in a train car with the chairs and tables lined up along the sides to form an aisle. On the reverse in handwriting: "Southern Belle Train, Hazel Turnbull, sitting at bar"
Date: March 14, 1997
Creator: Everett, James

[Trolley Car Crew and Cars in Barn]

Description: Photograph of thirteen trolley car crew members and cars in trolley car barn. Ten men in eleven men in conductor's uniforms with hats. One man in a suit and tie with a hat. One man wearing overalls and a hat. Two of the men are seated inside one of the cars looking out the window.
Date: unknown

[Victorian style home with workers]

Description: Photograph of picture postcard image of a large Victorian style home with nine workers in front of rounded porch. Second story balcony over the porch. One of the workers is seated on the steps, the other eight are standing. One is wearing overalls, another holds a hat to his side.
Date: unknown

[Hampton Furniture and Appliance Dealer with Speed Queen Wringer Washers]

Description: Photograph of interior of an appliance store showing a line of seven Speed Queen wringer washing machines. Sitting on the wash machines and on a table beside them is "Rinso" brand tub washing soap. In the background is a row of six Philco refrigerators with an advertising display for them. Handwritten on the reverse of the photo: "Hampton Furniture"
Date: 1941
Creator: Everett, James

[J.B. Jameson Gas Station]

Description: Photograph of small white cinder block building with "J.B. Jameson, Groceries, Beer" painted on the side with a Coca-Cola sign also. There are two fuel pumps out front with mail boxes to the back of the building. On the reverse of the photograph is the handwritten address: "Orange Rd. & Stadium Rd."
Date: 1944
Creator: Everett, James

[Jefferson County Commissioners]

Description: Photograph of Jefferson County Commissioners five men in suits and ties, three seated and two standing: "helped on Gulfgate Bridge and highways". Handwritten on back: "Seated: Comm. Ted Wacker, Jdg. Chester Young, Comm Lamar Lawson, Standing: Norman Troy, T.B. Bellson" (spelling?)
Date: unknown