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[Photograph of Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, 1923]

Description: Photograph of Mary Elizabeth Donaldson as the Queen of Port Arthur's 25th Anniversary celebration in Texas. She is sitting to the right, wearing a beaded crown and a beaded dress with a long train bunched around her feet. She's holding a scepter across her lap. There is a painted woodland scene in the background. The photo is contained in a greenish grey paper folder. The front flap is stamped with a pattern and has "The Studio Miss Woods Prop Port Arthur" printed upon it.
Date: 1923
Creator: The Studio

[Photograph of the Schreck Family]

Description: Photograph of the Frank S. Schreck family posing for a portrait. From left to right: Frank is standing behind a drum and dressed in a tasseled military uniform, complete with a saber at his side; baby Ursula is sitting on a tall stool and wearing a white dress; mother Ursula is in a dark dress, sitting down and holding a bow; child Enrique (Henry) is seated and wearing a uniform like his brother's; Frank S. Schreck is seated next to his wife, wearing a dark suit, and has his left hand on son Alfonso's shoulder; Alfonso is also wearing a military uniform and holding a bugle; Leo is similarly dressed and has a bow across his back. There is a painted woodland scene in the background, and the family is standing on an animal skin rug. The reverse side of the photo contains two handwritten notes; the first says: "Matamoros, June 3d, 1899 To our dear sister Mrs. Anna B. Schreck and her dear and sweet family, as a token of sin-cere affecton. Frank Schreck and Ursula Fuente[...]r Schreck." The note in the lower-left conrer says "Oct. 5-, 1956. To my cousin E. E. Schreck, Leo. M. Schreck."
Date: June 3, 1899

[Photographs of Harriet and Edith Carr]

Description: Photographs of Harriet and her daughter, Edith Carr. The larger photograph features Edith Carr standing to the left side of the photo, wearing a dark dress. Immediately to the right is Edith wearing a white dress and riding in an early baby carriage. The photograph was taken at the side of a building with windows on either end of the frame and a large rose bush creeping up the building between them. A smaller rose bush is crowing under the window to the right. On the bottom right of the mat is a small photograph of Harriet and Edith Carr. Harriet is shown from the chest up and is wearing a white dress and a round, ribboned hat. She is holding Edith, who is wearing a white dress and bonnet. The reverse side of the mat contains information about both pictures, including their home address and that the baby buggy was the first in Port Arthur.
Date: 1899~

[Photograph of the First Boat Through a New Canal, January 24,1908]

Description: Photograph of the first boat to move through the new canal in Port Arthur, Texas. The center of the photo shows the lengthy vessel "Sabine" carrying lumber and several men and women in dark formal clothing, a United States flag raised fore and aft. There is a boat behind the "Sabine" and another boat with its nameplate partially hidden is over to the right. To the left is a smaller vessel covered with lumber and tools and a single man in the rear. Land runs across the left side and in the right background. On the reverse side of the photograph is a description of the photo, the date, and an incomplete list of visible people.
Date: July 24, 1908

[Photograph of Students and Teacher in Front of the Farm School, 1906]

Description: Photograph of students and their teacher standing in front of Tyrrell School, known then as the Farm School in 1906. The gabled schoolhouse itself is a clapboard structure raised up off of the ground, with a short and broad stairway leading up to a porch. Two tall windows flank the centered door which itself is topped with a smaller window. A smaller structure can be seen in the background to the right. Standing on the porch from left to right: Alexie Bledsoe; Grace Hamilton; Jesse Hamilton; Susie Baker (teacher); W. E. Hamilton; Charles Bolyard; Archie Hamilton. The reverse side of the cardboard mat gives information regarding the names and addresses of those pictured, including the new married names of Susie Baker (Mrs. A. J. Lewis) and Grace Hamilton (Mrs. R. R. Morehead).
Date: 1906

[Photograph of Factory Workers]

Description: Photograph of factory workers. They have lined up into different levels of rows to pose for the photo. Their manner of dress is varied, but most wear dark clothes. Many of their hands are covered in soot. They are posed inside of a factory, with industrial materials visible behind the men and beneath them.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Factory Workers]

Description: Photograph of furniture factory workers stopping work to pose for a photo. Several men in work clothes stand in the foreground around machines. Dozens more can be seen in the background of a factory filled with machines and straps. Daylight pours in from high windows along the upper left quadrant of the photo.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of People at Port Arthur College, 1914]

Description: Photograph of men and women on the steps of Port Arthur College. They are arranged in six rows that decline upward, with the final row being comprised of a single man. Men in the photograph are wearing suits and ties, whereas the women are wearing blouses and skirts. Two separate pieces of a paper have been taped above and below the photo. Over the photo is a description of the image and the date. Below the image is the name of the donor, Maccie Barrier LaGrone.
Date: 1914

[Photograph of Faculty of the First School in Port Arthur, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the principal and teachers of the first school in Port Arthur, Texas. Four rows of people sit on a railed stairway leading up to a set of double doors on a brick building. The group is made up of twelve women wearing light blouses and dark skirts, with two men in suits sitting in the front row. The reverse side of the mat contains a handwritten list of surnames and the name of the principal, Steven Durfee. He is noted as the father of Mrs. Frank Timmons
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Canal Bank in Port Arthur, Texas, February 2, 1922]

Description: Photograph of the Port Arthur, Texas, ship canal and bridge showing signs of erosion. The grass and sand of the bank shows vehicle tracks, leading back past power lines and towards houses. The mid portion of the photo displays the bridge raised over the canal with some people standing along the structure. On the lower right portion of the photo is a dated note describing the view.
Date: February 2, 1922

[Photograph of the First Bank in Port Arthur, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the first bank in Port Arthur, Texas, c. 1908. The bank is a single story clapboard building with a flat roof. Two tall windows are on the side between entrances. Two signs hang over the left entrance, the first printed with "P. Haney and Co. Contracting Stevedores" and the second with "W. H. Gilliland S. S. Agent." To the right of this entrance is another sign advertising a postal telegraph. Two men in suits stand in front of the left entrance, with two more men posing under a telegraph advertisement in the background. Under the photograph is a mounted and printed piece of paper describing the photo and mentioning that the first telephone in the building had Mrs. Fred Borden as one of its operators. There is also a handwritten description on the back of the mat.
Date: 1898

[Photograph of Oil Well Fire in Port Arthur, Texas, September 13, 1902]

Description: Photograph of an oil well fire, with smoke roiling into the sky as eighteen men look on. A tank to the left of the blaze is itself giving off smoke. Industrial materials litter the foreground, and two intact oil rigs can be seen in the background. On the reverse side, there is a handwritten passage stating "Kieths Ward Fire - Texas Gusher throwing 200 ft and Higgins 10000 barrel Pressure Tank."
Date: September 13, 1902