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[Man and Daughter at Sabine Lake]

Description: Photograph of a man and his daughter at Sabine Lake, dated July 5, 1906. The two are seated under an awning on a boat, and are smiling at the camera. The man has a pipe in his mouth and one hand on his knee. The back of the photograph has a handwritten date and note (that is partially illegible) describing the people pictured.
Date: July 5, 1906

[Outdoor Family Portrait]

Description: Photograph of a large group of people posing outdoors in front of a fence. There are three young girls wearing white dresses; two of them are wearing bonnets and the other is wearing a hat. There are three women standing between the children, and two men behind them. Large trees are in the background. The back of the photograph has a handwritten date and note (that is not entirely legible) about the day it was taken.
Date: July 5, 1906

[Portrait of Family Outdoors]

Description: Photograph of a family group identified as the Carr family taken on July 5, 1906. There are three women, two men, and three young girls. The woman in the front is holding the hand of one of the girls wearing a white dress and bonnet. One woman is seated on the left, behind another young girl. The two men are in the very back. There is a handwritten date and note (partially illegible) on the back of the photograph.
Date: July 5, 1906

[Photograph of Students and Teacher in Front of the Farm School, 1906]

Description: Photograph of students and their teacher standing in front of Tyrrell School, known then as the Farm School in 1906. The gabled schoolhouse itself is a clapboard structure raised up off of the ground, with a short and broad stairway leading up to a porch. Two tall windows flank the centered door which itself is topped with a smaller window. A smaller structure can be seen in the background to the right. Standing on the porch from left to right: Alexie Bledsoe; Grace Hamilton; Jesse Hamilton; Susie Baker (teacher); W. E. Hamilton; Charles Bolyard; Archie Hamilton. The reverse side of the cardboard mat gives information regarding the names and addresses of those pictured, including the new married names of Susie Baker (Mrs. A. J. Lewis) and Grace Hamilton (Mrs. R. R. Morehead).
Date: 1906

[Photograph of the Hayne Family, 1906]

Description: Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Hayne, Alda, and Andy (on the pony) in front of a house labeled 248 in Port Arthur, Texas. There are several houses on the fenced in property, three with visible chimneys and two with ornamental posted awnings. Walkways made up of crushed shells have been made outside of the fence. On the reverse mat side of the photo, the address is given as Houston Avenue and Fourth Street in Port Arthur.
Date: 1906