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[Granger's Restaurant at Sabine Pass]

Description: Photograph of Granger's Restaurant exterior view with fish shaped sign reading "Granger's" and another sign which reads "Granger's, fish-oysters", "seafood". Four cars are parked up close the restaurant and the awnings over the windows are drawn in. Handwritten on the reverse of the photo: " 1939, Famous Granger's at Sabine Pass, Burned to Ground"
Date: 1939

[Office Building with Four Pillars]

Description: Photograph of a two story office building with four pillars and steps in front. There are three men in white shirts and dark slacks standing on the portico. There is a flag pole with the American flag and Texas flag flying. Two cars are parked at the curb in front of the building.
Date: 1939

[Gulf Pipe-Fitters Social Club]

Description: Photograph of the Gulf Pipe-Fitters Social Club outside of the Silver Slipper Nite Club. There are children, adults, and elderly lined up in the group. Some children are standing up on the columns of the porch on the building. The caption in the lower-right corner reads, "Gulf Pipe-Fitters Social Club Picnic Aug. 6, 1938."
Date: August 6, 1938

[Opening of Rainbow Bridge]

Description: Photograph of a crowd of people standing on a bridge at the opening of the Port Arthur-Orange bridge, later renamed the Rainbow Bridge, over the Neches River in Port Arthur, Texas. Several cameras are set up in the foreground, and an American flag and a Texas flag fly at either side of the bridge.
Date: 1938

[Boy Scout Group]

Description: Photograph of a Boy Scout Camporee outdoors. There are parked cars on the road and what appears to be a buffet table with Boy Scouts lined up near it. There is writing on the back of the photograph that reads, "Boy Scout Camporee, 1937, near St. Mary's Hostpital. Port Arthur, Texas."
Date: 1937

[Police and Ambulance]

Description: Photograph of the Junior Police Squad of Port Arthur, Texas, on duty during a fake ambulance call. Cars are parked in front of the building, which has been identified as the First National Bank of Port Arthur, in the background, and a crowd of people watch from the sidewalk.
Date: 1935

Professional Portrait of Mary Elizabeth Donaldson]

Description: Professional photograph of Port Arthur Queen, identified as Mary Donaldson Wade. She is wearing a crown and a white dress with a long train draped in front of her. Her hands are by her side and she is looking towards the camera. The back of the photograph is dated 11/11/34 and reads, "Daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Murff F. Bledese. Mary Donaldson Wade."
Date: November 11, 1934

[Cars Waiting for Ferry]

Description: Photograph of cars waiting to cross the Neches River with billboards and small store in the background with a Coa-Cola sign. Handwritten on the reverse of the photograph: "Waiting for the ferry to cross the Neches River before PA - Orange bridge was built -- 1934".
Date: 1934

[Portrait of Young Boy]

Description: Photograph of a young boy identified as George Rome Woodworth. His legs are crossed and he is seated on a wooden chair. He is wearing a suit and looking towards the left side of the photograph. Handwriting on the back of the photograph reveals that he is 8 years old.
Date: 1933

[Photograph of Men in Front of a Texaco Station in Port Arthur, Texas, June 22, 1932]

Description: Photograph of a group of thirteen men standing in front of a Texaco gas station. The men stand in two rows. The first row features three men in suits and a fourth man in a shirt and bow tie. The second row is primarily composed of men in white shirts and ties, with the third and eighth man wearing suits. Behind them, the Texaco station flies a Texaco and United States flag side by side. A single pump can be seen just behind the group, and a Texaco shaped like a question mark is further to the right. A body of water can be seen in the right background. The reverse side of the photograph identifies Fred P. Dodge as the person on the far right of the front row.
Date: June 22, 1932