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[Photograph of Chuck Foster's Orchestra at the Pleasure Pier]

Description: Photograph of Chuck Foster and his orchestra performing at the Port Arthur, Texas, Pleasure Pier. Five men with saxophones are standing at podiums in the foreground, with a man and woman in evening wear sitting on the right. Behind the front row to the left are two men sitting at a piano, and other musicians to the right are obscured by the standing men. A banner printed with "Chuck Foster" and "Merry Christmas" are hung above an image of Santa Claus' head, all of which hangs over the band. Plants and wreaths are festooned across the wall in the background. On the lower portion of the photo, Chuck Foster has autographed the picture with "To Jean with love."
Date: December 18, 1947

[Port Arthur High School Band Drum Corps]

Description: Photograph of Port Arthur High School "Red Hussars" drum corps in parade. The girls are wearing skirted uniforms with parade boots. Crowd lines both sides of the street with some people viewing out the window from the upper story of a building. Some spectators are viewing the parade from the back of a pickup truck on the side street with parked cars.
Date: December 1947
Creator: Everett, James

[Fleet of Shrimp Boats]

Description: Photograph of a fleet of shrimping boats at a dock. The names of the boats in the front row, from left to right, read, "Miss Patterson," "Frances," and "Dutch Harbor." A stamp on the back of the photograph identifies the photographer as J. C. Watkins.
Date: April 7, 1947
Creator: Watkins, J. C.

[Men on Stage]

Description: Photograph of several men, including Kay Kyser, Mayor H. L. "Buzz" Crow, and Mayor Curtis Trahan, standing on a stage in Port Arthur, Texas. Mayor Crow hands a benefit check to Mayor Trahan. A band is visible in the background.
Date: 1947

[Ship Passing Through Drawbridge]

Description: Aerial photograph of a ship passing through the drawbridge of a canal in Port Arthur. The town can be seen on the opposite side of the canal, and there are many buildings and houses along the streets. Two billowing clouds of dark smoke are visible in the distant background. A sticker on the back of the photograph identifies the photographer as James Everett from Groves, Texas.
Date: 1947
Creator: Everett, James

[Opening Scene of Play]

Description: Photograph of the opening scene of "Heaven Bound," a Dorothy Ingram production. The play is being performed at 6th Street Baptist Church. There is a large staircase build on the stage, and performers are dressed in white gowns with wings. The back of the photograph is a postcard.
Date: 1946

[View of Port Arthur From Rooftop]

Description: Photograph of a view of Port Arthur, taken from the roof of a hotel. A river on the right side of the photograph and various different buildings can be seen. Writing on the back of the photograph reads, "View of Port Arthur from Goodhue Hotel roof, taken by Dad. November 1946."
Date: 1946

[Photograph of Aerial View of Port Arthur, 1945]

Description: Photograph of Port Arthur, Texas, with an aerial view of the courthouse, bridge, Pleasure Island, and YMCA. The courthouse stands in the stone building in the center of the photo, surrounded by streets that are lined with cars. The bridge is raised for a passing boat. Beyond the bridge, a roller coaster can be seen. The Watkins Studio mark is in the bottom right corner.
Date: August 1, 1945
Creator: Watkins Studio