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[Boat in a Parade]
Photograph of a boat shaped float in a W. O. W. Parade. It is driving through the middle of a street, and children on the right side of the photograph are watching it pass in front of them. Other bystanders can be seen in the background.
[Boys in Canoe During Flood]
Photograph of two boys on the back of a canoe during the 1915 flood in Port Arthur. Water from the flood is about knee-deep, and there are groups of people in the background around a building. The caption on the bottom dates the scene August 18th, 1915. The back of the photograph is a postcard.
[Gulf Pipe-Fitters Social Club]
Photograph of the Gulf Pipe-Fitters Social Club outside of the Silver Slipper Nite Club. There are children, adults, and elderly lined up in the group. Some children are standing up on the columns of the porch on the building. The caption in the lower-right corner reads, "Gulf Pipe-Fitters Social Club Picnic Aug. 6, 1938."
[House During Flood]
Photograph of a neighborhood street during the flood in Port Arthur in 1915. A man and woman are on the porch of the house in the foreground, and one man is standing in water that is waist deep. They are identified as, from left to right, Mrs. L. D. Hickman, Tom Wright, and E. E. Stuckey. Other houses can be seen down the street, and there is a man on the roof of one of them.
[Mother and Two Small Children]
Photograph of two children, identified as Edith and Amelia Carr, with their mother. Both children are wearing white outfits, and the woman is wearing a white dress with a thick black collar. They are all seated in front of a backdrop.
[Professional Portrait of Two Girls]
Professional portrait photograph of two young girls that has been hand colored. The girls are wearing matching black dresses and laced boots. The girl on the left has short hair tucked behind her ears, and is seated with her hands in her lap. The girl on the right has her hair pulled back with a bow, which has been hand colored red, and she has one hand in her lap and one rested on her chair. They are both looking towards the camera and are seated on chairs that have also been hand colored red.