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[Boy Scout Troop]
Photograph of young boys in an African American Boy Scouts Troop. The six boys are wearing uniforms and hats, and standing in a line with their hands at their sides. There are houses and telephone poles in the background. The writing at the bottom of the photograph reads, "Port Arthur, Tex. Troop #5 1920."
[Large Group in Front of Boarding House]
Photograph of a large group of people standing in front of a building identified as the 5th St. Boarding House. The majority of the group is posing in front of the building, but eight people are standing on the second story balcony. A few children stand near the front on the left side of the image. The photograph is mounted on a board, and handwriting on the back reads, "5th Street Boarding House, 1920."
[Portrait of Woman in White Top]
Portrait photograph of a young woman, identified as Edith Evelyn St. Oswald car. She has dark hair that is pulled back, and is wearing a white top. There is a dark vignette around the edges that frames her from the shoulders up.
[Portrait of Woman Wearing Glasses]
Profile photograph of a woman identified as Amelia Harriet Housley Carr. Her hair is pulled back and she is looking towards the right side of the photograph. She is wearing a light colored dress with a wide collar and glasses.