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[Child Standing in Chair]
Photograph of a small child identified as Edith Carr. She is wearing a long coat and gloves, and standing on a chair. There is a backdrop with a nature scene on it.
[Completion of the Port Arthur Canal]
Photograph of a group of men standing at the edge of water, for the completion of the Port Arthur Canal. One man is waving an American flag over the water, and a boat can be seen in the distance.
[Photograph of Men Celebrating on a Small Island, 1899]
Photograph of men gathered to celebrate the completion of the Port Arthur Canal from Sabine Pass to Taylor Bayou. From left to right: a fisherman called "Frenchy" sitting in a boat; Peter Lamp; Captain Evans; Colonel Jim Furlong; M. R. Bos; N. N. Beels (holding flag); A. N. Scott; J. W. Carr; A. J. M. Vuylsteke; Frank Cummins; Peter Stock; and L. Schuh. Sitting: Billy Farrell; A. Spence; D. L. Stump; Hans Falsenburg; and E. A. Laughlin. They are gathered on a small island, with a boat visible nearby to the right.
[Photograph of Men Gathered on a Bank, 1899]
Photograph of men standing on the bank of the Port Arthur Canal in celebration of its completion from Sabine Pass to Taylor Bayou. From left to right: A. N. Scott (holding the United States flag); Billy Farrell; E. A. Laughlin; D. S. Stump; A. J. M. Vuylsteke; Hans Falsenburg; L. Schuh; Peter Stock; J. W. Carr; N. N. Beels; Frank Cummins; M. R. Bos; Colonel Jim Furlong; Captain Evans; and Peter Lamp. A boat is seen on the canal, left.
[Professional Portrait of Two Girls]
Professional portrait photograph of two young girls that has been hand colored. The girls are wearing matching black dresses and laced boots. The girl on the left has short hair tucked behind her ears, and is seated with her hands in her lap. The girl on the right has her hair pulled back with a bow, which has been hand colored red, and she has one hand in her lap and one rested on her chair. They are both looking towards the camera and are seated on chairs that have also been hand colored red.
[Woman in White Dress]
Profile photograph of a woman in a long-sleeved white dress, identified as Harriet Housley Carr. She has dark hair that is pulled back into a bun, and is holding a glass bottle and cup. The photograph is dated 1897.