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[Aerial View of Procter Street]

Description: Photograph of an aerial of view of Procter Street from the Kansas City Southern Train Station, in Port Arthur, Tx. A handful of cars can be seen on the street, which is in the center of the photograph and extends into the distance. There are other intersecting streets with buildings lining them that create a grid layout. A sticker on the back of the photograph identifies the photographer as James Everett from Groves, Texas.
Date: unknown
Creator: Everett, James

[Air Raid Warden George Gondron]

Description: Card certifying George Gondron as an air raid warden in Port Arthur, Texas. The front of the card has a head shot of Gondron next to his fingerprint. The text on the back of the card reads: "Port Arthur Civilian Defense Air Raid. This is to certify that George Gondron has been duly appointed an air raid warden. This is his authority to carry out the duties given wardens by the chief air raid warden."
Date: unknown

[Annual Red Cross Meeting Officers]

Description: Photograph of two men in suits and one woman in a dress, at the Annual Red Cross Meeting. They are Officers identified from left to right as Vice Chair Bernis W. Sadler, Treasurer Ross James, and Secretary Dorothy Ingram. Handwriting on the back of the photograph dates it June 24, 1964.
Date: June 24, 1964

[Back of Dorothy Ingram Riding in Parade]

Description: Photograph of Dorothy Ingram from behind, riding in a red convertible in the Centennial Parade. There is a trunk on the back bumper that says "Centennial Queen." She is seated in the passenger seat, looking to her right. There is a man with gray hair driving the car. Spectators are watching from the side of the road.
Date: 1998

[Band in Parade]

Description: Photograph of a marching band walking down a dirt road during a parade in Port Arthur, Texas. People stand on the porches and balconies of the stores on either side of the road to watch the parade.
Date: unknown