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[Photograph of a Museum Display of the First Queen of Port Arthur, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a museum display depicting the first queen of Port Arthur, Texas, 1923. A mannequin wearing a tiara and ornate dress stands between a display case to the left and a document display case and chair to the right. Small signs amid the mannequin's feet note the dressmaker, Ida Griffin, and the first queen of Port Arthur, Mary Donaldson. Near the bottom of the photo is a photo of the original queen wearing the dress. To the far right is a sign urging pioneer families to display at least one item from the case.
Date: unknown
Creator: Watkins Photography

[Photograph of Aerial View of Port Arthur, 1945]

Description: Photograph of Port Arthur, Texas, with an aerial view of the courthouse, bridge, Pleasure Island, and YMCA. The courthouse stands in the stone building in the center of the photo, surrounded by streets that are lined with cars. The bridge is raised for a passing boat. Beyond the bridge, a roller coaster can be seen. The Watkins Studio mark is in the bottom right corner.
Date: August 1, 1945
Creator: Watkins Studio

[Photograph of Aerial View of Rainbow Bridge, 1957]

Description: Photograph with aerial view of the Rainbow Bridge spanning the Neches River near Port Arthur, Texas. Shadows of several clouds dot the landscape. A ship is passing underneath the bridge. Several canals branch off from the river on its way to Sabine Lake, which encompasses much of the background. The other side of the photo has a handwritten note saying that this was a gift of A. W. Catanach, 1992.
Date: August 2, 1957
Creator: Watkins Studio

[Photograph of Aerial View of the Standard Brass and Manufacturing Company]

Description: Photograph of the Standard Brass and Manufacturing Company (1926-1972). The scene features a series of industrial buildings set along a dirt road and a series of railroad tracks. The fenced complex has several smaller buildings along its perimeter, as well as a scrapyard visible in the lower right corner. Several 1940s style automobiles are parked outside.
Date: unknown
Creator: J. C. Watkins Photography

[Photograph of Barbara Lynn With Electric Guitar]

Description: Photograph of Barbara Lynn wearing a shiny dress. She is holding on to the pegboard of an lightly colored electric guitar that is standing vertically in front of her. Her name is printed on the bottom left corner of the picture, while the bottom right corner has management information that has been covered with correction fluid.
Date: unknown