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The Reynolds and Matthews families were pioneer ranchers and trail drivers who arrived in East Texas in the 1850s and at the Clear Fork of the Brazos River, in 1866. Buildings still in use date to 1855 and the families believe in sharing the ranch, its history and its material culture with historians, writers, and artists.

Printed documentation of the ranch and family history includes Interwoven and other books written about Lambshead and about cattleman Watt Matthews, conservationist and generous host who ran the ranch until his death in 1997. Artifacts from the ranch collection have been loaned or donated to the Old Jail Art Center (Albany), The National Ranching Heritage Center (Texas Tech University), and the National Cowboy Hall of Fame (Oklahoma City).

The photographs from the ranch document ranching history, ranching practices and changes in the land. Through the Portal to Texas History, the photos are available for online appreciation and research, thereby continuing the Matthews' family legacy of hospitality: sharing the ranch, its history and its material culture with historians, writers and artists.


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