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[Aerial View of Matthews Ranch Headquarters]

Description: Aerial photograph of Matthews Ranch (Lambshead) headquarters. In the foreground are several ranch buildings, including the bunkhouse and a house with chimneys on either end. Further up from these buildings and across an open dirt area are other buildings, including a corral, stables, and barn, beside which several trucks are parked. Above these buildings is a triangle-shaped area created by fences. At the top of the photograph is open ranch land dotted with vegetation.
Date: 1960

[Aerial View of Ranch Land]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of ranch land. Roads, fields, and scrub land. A fence crosses from the lower left corner of the photo to a third of the way up on the other side. Adults and children can be seen standing in the road near the gate below. One waves up at the aircraft. A portion of the aircraft is visible in the right half of the photo.
Date: unknown
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham

[Allison Joy with a Portrait of the Two Men Sitting in Front of Her]

Description: Photograph of a woman with a portrait of the two men sitting in front of her. She has curly brown brown hair, wears a striped blouse, and is sitting on a wooden chair. The portrait in front of her is slightly different from the two men sitting in front of her as the colors of their jackets have been swapped. The man on the left, Watt Matthews, is depicted as wearing a tan jacket and the bespectacled man on the right, Joe B. Matthews, is wearing a red jacket.
Date: 1960

[Banding a Male Turkey]

Description: Photograph of a kneeling man holding a bearded male turkey. The turkey's left leg has been wrapped with a small metal band. Another man kneels nearby. A string of metal bands is resting on the ground between the men by some papers.
Date: 1949~
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham
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