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[Jack Newcomb and Boys]

Description: Photograph of Jack Newcomb and two boys (grandchildren of Oliver Jacobs) in the trap behind the bunkhouse at Lambshead Ranch. The children are running across a field; Newcomb is running behind them and has just thrown a lasso to catch one of the boys, while he teaches the boys how to throw the rope. The area is an open field with trees visible in the background.
Date: 1949-1950
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham

[Jack Newcomb Catching a Child with a Rope]

Description: Photograph of Jack Newcomb catching one of Oliver Jacobs' grandchildren with a rope. The smiling girl has the rope around her legs mid-run. A boy stands near Newcomb, watching. Another boy, younger than the other children, runs to the right. Ranch buildings stand behind them.
Date: 1949~
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham