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[Photo-postcard to Watt Matthews]

Description: Postcard sent to Watt Matthews by photographer Richard Avedon and writer/photographer Laura Wilson. Image on the postcard is of Wilson and Avedon in a hay field. Wilson is lying on top of a bale of hay. To her left, Avedon is jumping with a cowboy hat in his hand. Message on the back reads: "Still on the road. Still grateful." Signed: "Laura and 'Old' Dick."
Date: 1981

[Lady Bird Johnson and Carol Channing]

Description: Photograph of Lady Bird Johnson and Carol Channing standing together in front of a covered wagon. Johnson, left, is wearing a yellow dress and a yellow sun hat. Channing, right, is wearing a bright yellow hat, shirt, and a belt with toy pistols. She is holding a microphone, notes, and a silver purse in her hands. The picture is autographed by Johnson on the upper right hand corner.
Date: 1976

[Small Ranch Building]

Description: Photograph of a small wooden ranch building with a chimney rising out of the roof. There is a door with two stone steps on the right side of the building and three windows along the right side. The structure rests in an open field with overgrown plants.
Date: unknown

[Ranch House Room]

Description: Photograph of a ranch house room containing a small checkers table and chairs that are positioned on a large rug. A loaded bookcase stands to the upper of left of the photo, with a door, wall clock, and end table along the same wall. the upper right quadrant features a fireplace with small figures and pictures on and above the mantle. To the bottom left sits a sofa that is largely obscured by a lamp on an end table.
Date: unknown

[Eight Photos of Ranch Life and Properties]

Description: Page from a worn leather scrapbook containing eight photos of ranch life and family properties. The first photo shows the "Washington House," a two story stone building covered with snow. To its right, people observe a man on horseback in a photo labeled "Reynolds Ranch." On the third, there are three boys in bathing suits standing on a tree trunk that hovers over a creek. Next is a view of a snow covered hillside. The first photo on the third row shows a wooden building, a woodpile, and a cattle chute on the side of a hill. Next, cowboys with a car work near bare trees. The last two photos show a cowboy named Ray Rodriguez in a pen with a calf.
Date: 1910

[Two Story Ranch House]

Description: Photograph of a two story ranch house. The walls are built with stone blocks and the roof with wood. A small columned overhang stands above the front door and two side windows. Chimneys are visible on the left and right side of the house. Two second story windows project forth from the wooden roof.
Date: unknown

[Jack Meredith Holding a Horse's Hoof]

Description: Photograph of Jack Meredith holding a horse's rear left hoof. The bald, bespectacled man is touching the hoof and holding a hammer. There is a toolbox sitting to the left of this man. Another man in sunglasses (Lanham Martin) sits on a chair in front of the horse. He holds a rope attached to the horse's muzzle.
Date: 1949~
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham

[Three Men in Coats near Ranch Buildings]

Description: Photograph of three men in coats near a couple of ranch buildings. A stone building with smoke being emitted from a chimney stands to the left with a green truck and a man in front of it. Two men in coats stand closer to a smaller wooden structure to the right that has been painted red. Behind the buildings, icy trees and landscape can be seen.
Date: 1949

[Cowboys Around a Flaming Barrel]

Description: Photograph of five cowboys around a barrel that has fire visible from a slot near its base. They are standing near a wooden fence with cattle penned up behind them. From left to right: Weaver Brush, Harold Ledbetter, Tom Blanton, Lanham Martin, and Watt Matthews.
Date: 1949
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham