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[Lady Bird Johnson and Carol Channing]

Description: Photograph of Lady Bird Johnson and Carol Channing standing together in front of a covered wagon. Johnson, left, is wearing a yellow dress and a yellow sun hat. Channing, right, is wearing a bright yellow hat, shirt, and a belt with toy pistols. She is holding a microphone, notes, and a silver purse in her hands. The picture is autographed by Johnson on the upper right hand corner.
Date: 1976

[Lady Bird Johnson and Carol Channing]

Description: Photograph of Lady Bird Johnson and Carol Channing in front of bales of hay. Johnson is to the left and wearing a yellow dress, son hat, a pendant, and a sticker with ribbons. Channing, right, is wearing a bright yellow hat, shirt, purse, and a gun belt. Johnson autographed the photo to the upper left.
Date: 1976

[Two Story Ranch House]

Description: Photograph of a two story ranch house. The walls are built with stone blocks and the roof with wood. A small columned overhang stands above the front door and two side windows. Chimneys are visible on the left and right side of the house. Two second story windows project forth from the wooden roof.
Date: unknown

[Stone Wall Under Construction]

Description: Photograph of a stone wall under construction. Stones are scattered in front of the wall near a indention that is being held up with lumber. Wooden poles protrude upward from the wall.
Date: 1983~

[Ranch House Room]

Description: Photograph of a ranch house room containing a small checkers table and chairs that are positioned on a large rug. A loaded bookcase stands to the upper of left of the photo, with a door, wall clock, and end table along the same wall. the upper right quadrant features a fireplace with small figures and pictures on and above the mantle. To the bottom left sits a sofa that is largely obscured by a lamp on an end table.
Date: unknown

[Restrained Cow Being Branded]

Description: Photograph of two cowboys (Duncan Leech and Lanham Martin) holding a calf down on a tilt table while another man to the right (Watt Matthews) brands the animal.
Date: 1950~
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham

[Eight Photos of Ranch Life and Properties]

Description: Page from a worn leather scrapbook containing eight photos of ranch life and family properties. The first photo shows the "Washington House," a two story stone building covered with snow. To its right, people observe a man on horseback in a photo labeled "Reynolds Ranch." On the third, there are three boys in bathing suits standing on a tree trunk that hovers over a creek. Next is a view of a snow covered hillside. The first photo on the third row shows a wooden building, a woodpile, and a cattle chute on the side of a hill. Next, cowboys with a car work near bare trees. The last two photos show a cowboy named Ray Rodriguez in a pen with a calf.
Date: 1910

Mr + Mrs Glen Reynolds

Description: Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Reynolds posing for a portrait. Glen Reynolds is wearing a three piece suit and is sitting on an ornate chair. Augusta "Gustie" Reynolds stands to the right with her right hand on his shoulder. She is wearing a black dress with a white lace piece around her neck. The background is painted with an ornate clock and candlestick.
Date: 1880~
Creator: Scholten

[Two Cowboys with a Restrained Cow]

Description: Photograph of Duncan Leech and Watt Matthews holding onto a tilt table that is restraining a calf. They are standing in a ranch yard with other cattle near a fence behind them.
Date: 1950~
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham

[Ronald Reagan Shaking Watt Matthews' Hand]

Description: Photograph of President Ronald Regan congratulating Watt Reynolds Matthews at the Cowboy Hall of Fame. The men are facing the camera shaking hands and standing in front of a blue backdrop. Written on the mat below the photo is the inscription: "To Watt Matthews With Best Wishes - Ronald Regan." Photo is labeled on the back: "Cowboy Hall - July 21, 1989 WATT MATTHEWS."
Date: July 21, 1989

[Ranch House Dining Room]

Description: Photograph of a ranch house dining room. The center of the photo is dominated by a wooden table with candles, candle holders, and flowers arranged in the center. Four wooden chairs are present at each edge of the table. The wall behind the table contains a china cabinet to the left, a fireplace in the center, and a window to the right. A small chandelier with five candles hangs above the table. The floor is made of hardwood slats and is partially covered by a rug in the bottom right.
Date: unknown

[Small Ranch Building]

Description: Photograph of a small wooden ranch building with a chimney rising out of the roof. There is a door with two stone steps on the right side of the building and three windows along the right side. The structure rests in an open field with overgrown plants.
Date: unknown

[Woman Leaning on a Fringed Pillar]

Description: Photograph of a woman leaning on a fringed pillar. Her dark hair is pulled up onto a bun. Also she is wearing a dark dress with darker stripes around the neck and cuffs and buttons along the left side of the chest.
Date: 1890~
Creator: George, J. W.

[Portrait of a Woman Wearing Victorian Attire]

Description: Photograph of a woman seated and dressed in Victorian attire, visible from the lap up. She is wearing a puffy-sleeved, high-necked dress, an elaborate hat, a silhouette pendant at her collar, and gloves.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of a Mary Conrad]

Description: Photograph of Mary Conrad wearing high-necked Victorian-style attire and a pendant. Her hair is pulled back and accented with a ribbon. The words "Dear Mary" are inscribed on the photo.
Date: 1890~

[Portrait of George Thomas Reynolds]

Description: Photograph of George T. Reynolds wearing a three piece suit. He has short hair and a mustache. A vignette effect has been applied to the photo so that Reynolds is only visible from the chest up.
Date: 1894
Creator: Scholl

[Scrapbook Page with Photos of Swollen Rivers, People, and an Illustrated Forest Scene]

Description: Scrapbook page from the red Mammie V. Bartholomew album displaying five sepia-tone prints and one color card. On the left side of the page are four photographs. Proceeding from top to bottom, the first is a 17 x 12 centimeter photo of what might be Lambshead creek in a flood. The ranch gate is visible on the left bank of the creek. Below this is a photo of the same size of a creek near Albany, Texas. A young boy is standing in the center of the photo by the water among the brush lining the banks. On the left in the distance are three adults standing on a walkway built over the creek. In the bottom left corner of the page is a family portrait (10 x 14 centimeters) of Mrs. Gustie and three children taken on a porch. To the right of this photo is a portrait (10 x 14 centimeters) of Archie and Benson Campbell. The boys are standing in front of a printed backdrop and next to a table covered by a flowery cloth. They are both wearing knickers and bow ties. In the top right corner of the page is a 8 x 10 centimeter portrait of an infant lying on an "eye dazzler" Navajo rug. Below this a 8 x 16 centimeter card on which a color nature scene has been painted. The phrase "In Christ shall all be made alive" is written on the bottom of the card.
Date: 1890

[Family on a Riverbank]

Description: Photograph of a family on a wooded riverbank. Several people are on the riverbank among the trees, while four people are in a rowboat with the word "GATORR" written along its side. A roofed structure and a wagon are visible up on the bank.
Date: March 28, 1896
Creator: George, J. W.

[Portrait of a Toddler and an Infant]

Description: Photograph of a girl toddler and an infant. The girl, who is wearing a white gown, has her arms wrapped around the infant, who is seated wearing only a cloth diaper.
Date: 1890~
Creator: Oliver, E. W.

[Vignetted Portrait of a Dark Haired Woman]

Description: Photograph of a woman with dark, tied up hair. She is wearing a heart shaped pendant on a chain around her neck and a frilly white dress. The photograph has a vignette effect that makes the woman visible from the chest up.
Date: 1890~
Creator: Rogers, Early

[Portrait of a Young Man]

Description: Photograph of a young man in a wool coat, bow tie, and high collared white shirt.
Date: 1890~
Creator: Martin, William H.

[Portrait of a Ella Reynolds]

Description: Photograph of Ella Reynolds (Burns) wearing high-necked dress with her hair pulled back. Her face is turned 3/4 away from the camera.
Date: unknown
Creator: Buck, J. M.