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[Four Men on Matthews Ranch Land]

Description: Photograph of four men on Matthews Ranch land. A note written on the bottom left of the note mentions the location, the address, the date, and the photographer. The man, left, is an unidentified young man in a coat and a large hat. The man with the paper to the left is identified as Merry Howard. The older man in the three piece suit is identified as Judge J. H. Matthews. Most of the fourth man is obscured by blurred white space.
Date: May 11, 1926
Creator: Hans, O. E.
Item Type: Photograph

[Portrait of a Young Man]

Description: Photograph portrait of a young man wearing a buttoned white shirt. He has dark hair and gazes off to the left. Below the portrait, "Walter Trigas Ada 29" is hand written.
Date: 1929
Item Type: Photograph