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[Lyndon B. Johnson Visiting Lambshead Ranch During Fandangle]

Description: Photograph of President Lyndon Baines Johnson posing with Lady Bird Johnson and another man and woman during his visit to Lambshead Ranch, June 7, 1969. The visit coincided with the annual production of the Fort Griffin Fandangle, an outdoor musical about the history of Fort Griffin written by Robert Nail, in Albany, Texas. Johnson is touching the arm of the woman on his left; Lady Bird and the man are standing to his right. Johnson and the man are wearing scarves fastened by pins in the shape of Texas. There are two microphones on stands in the foreground of the picture. Behind the group on the right are men wearing cowboy hats holding instruments. Onlookers are also standing behind Johnson among a grove of trees. "On the Pedernales -" is written along the bottom of the photo.
Date: June 7, 1969

[Three Views of a River on Matthews Ranch; Watt Matthews with Family and Friends; Watt Casey's Family]

Description: A page from a worn cowhide album displaying five black and white photos. On the left side of the page, three 6 x 4 in. prints are positioned horizontally. Each shows a view of the river on Matthews Ranch. On the top right of the page is a 3 x 5 in. print of Watt Matthews with friends and family taken in Albany or Stamford, Texas. Below this photo in the bottom right is a 4 1/2 x 3 in. photo rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. In this photo, the children of Watt "Palo" Casey and Dosia Casey are sitting in a row on a couch in front of a curtained window. The older boys are wearing suits and ties; the girl is wearing a collared dress and bobby socks.
Date: 1940~

[Richard Avedon in the Reynolds Bend Schoolhouse]

Description: Photograph of Richard Avedon inside the Reynolds Bend schoolhouse. He stands to the right of a wooden desk with one hand resting on the desk. On the wall behind him are two chalkboards positioned between wooden shelves. There are chalk drawings of buffalo skulls and animals by Bill Cauble on the left chalkboard. "Bryant" is written next to a heart on the right chalkboard. In the foreground is a pipe stove. The room has wood floors and wood benches on either side.
Date: 1981~

[Oliver Jacobs Reading on Bunkhouse Porch]

Description: Photograph of Oliver Jacobs "Jake" reading The Black Dispatch newspaper. Jacobs is wearing a white apron and hat and is sitting on a wooden chair on the bunkhouse porch at Lambshead Ranch. The headline of the newspaper says "East Central Teachers deny Jim Crow Vote." Boxes and other items are visible on the porch behind him.
Date: 1949~
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham