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[Two Photos of Cowboys Restraining a Calf]
Photographs of cowboys restraining a calf. In the left photo, men are gathered around a calf that is being held by two cowboys. Cattle are behind them. The photo to the right shows a calf being held down by two cowboys while a third person holds an object inside of a bowl.
[Three Photographs of Two Women and an Old Bunkhouse]
Photographs of two women and a ranch house. The first two photos feature two women sitting in the back seat of a car. Both are wearing gingham tops, but the woman on the right is wearing a hat and glasses. The third photo is a long ranch bunkhouse with a automobile sitting to the left.
[Three Photographs of Resting and Working on Matthews Ranch]
Photographs of resting and working on Matthews Ranch. The first photograph shows two men sitting on or by a truck that's parked near a dirt road. The man sitting on the truck has a box and plate in front of him. The second photograph shows a herd of cattle in pens. The third photo shows several men around and on top of a restrained calf. Cattle can be seen in the background.
[Three Photographs of People Eating in a Wooded Area]
Photographs of people eating outdoors in a wooded area. The second and third photos show that they're eating near a body of water.
[Three Photos of Matthews Ranch]
Photographs of Matthews Ranch. The first photograph on the left is of ranch buildings with a truck and men standing outside. The middle photograph is of a ranch building obfuscated by a tree. The third photograph is of a person standing outside of a car on ranch land.