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[Portrait of Joseph Beck Matthews and Caroline Spears Matthews]

Description: Photograph of a middle aged man and woman (Joseph Beck Matthews and Caroline Spears Matthews) posing for a portrait with a background that suggests an opulent room. Joseph, left, is sitting in an ornate chair and wearing a three piece suit with a ribbon tie. He is bearded and has greying, thinning hair. Caroline, right, is standing with her hand upon his shoulder. She is wearing a long and dark shawl over a lighter colored dress.
Date: 1880~

[Lady Bird Johnson and Carol Channing]

Description: Photograph of Lady Bird Johnson and Carol Channing in front of bales of hay. Johnson is to the left and wearing a yellow dress, son hat, a pendant, and a sticker with ribbons. Channing, right, is wearing a bright yellow hat, shirt, purse, and a gun belt. Johnson autographed the photo to the upper left.
Date: 1976

[A. S. Jackson and Leonard Royal Holding a Turkey]

Description: Photograph of A. S. Jackson and Leonard Royal kneeling in front of a truck with a turkey. Jackson, left, is banding the animal, while Royal, right, is holding it. Boxes, notes, and a string of metallic bands rest on the ground between them. The truck belongs to the Texas Game, Fish, and Oyster Commission.
Date: 1949~
Creator: Wallace, Sally Brittingham

[Joseph Beck Matthews]

Description: Photograph of Joseph Beck Matthews, an elder, bearded man wearing an overcoat, vest, and pocket watch while holding a cigar in one hand and a hat in the other. He is standing next to a building that has a stone ground level and a wooden upper level with windows. A plant trellis with a bare plant rises behind him.
Date: 1895~
Creator: Greer's Studio

[Cowboys Branding a Calf]

Description: Photograph of cowboys branding a calf. A group of cowboys, many of whom are wearing leather chaps, are standing around a table topped with a restrained calf. Five men hover around the calf to the left of a green truck, while two men stand to the left near some branding irons. In the background, men are leading calves through a fenced chute that opens out to the table. Behind them, cattle are standing in a pasture with bare trees.
Date: 1958~

[Crowd Seated for an Event at a Stele]

Description: Photograph of a crowd of people seated before a large rock. The crowd, left, is made up of various ages and races of people, with some standing along the edge of the mass. To the right, a group of people are situated in a line to the sides of a rock that is half again the size of a person. The rock is broad and thin and has a hide on its front. A man in a pink shirt (Bob Green) leans against the rock to the right, while another man (Joe Blanton)stands in front of it. Cars can be seen parked in the background.
Date: 1984~
Creator: Doss, Keller

[Two Story Ranch House]

Description: Photograph of a two story ranch house. The walls are built with stone blocks and the roof with wood. A small columned overhang stands above the front door and two side windows. Chimneys are visible on the left and right side of the house. Two second story windows project forth from the wooden roof.
Date: unknown

[Photo-postcard to Watt Matthews]

Description: Postcard sent to Watt Matthews by photographer Richard Avedon and writer/photographer Laura Wilson. Image on the postcard is of Wilson and Avedon in a hay field. Wilson is lying on top of a bale of hay. To her left, Avedon is jumping with a cowboy hat in his hand. Message on the back reads: "Still on the road. Still grateful." Signed: "Laura and 'Old' Dick."
Date: 1981

[Ranch House Room]

Description: Photograph of a ranch house room containing a small checkers table and chairs that are positioned on a large rug. A loaded bookcase stands to the upper of left of the photo, with a door, wall clock, and end table along the same wall. the upper right quadrant features a fireplace with small figures and pictures on and above the mantle. To the bottom left sits a sofa that is largely obscured by a lamp on an end table.
Date: unknown