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[Portrait of Reynolds Family]

Description: Black and white portrait of the three members of the Reynolds family: a man, a woman, and a young girl. The man is seated, cross-legged, in the center; the woman, seated much lower to the ground, is on his right. The young girl is standing on the left of the man with her hands folded on his knee. They are all wearing modest, Victorian-style clothing. The man is wearing a three-piece suit with a chain running from his button placket to his vest pocket. The woman and the young girl are wearing high-necked, long-sleeved dresses.
Date: 1898
Creator: Rogers, Early

[Mr. Reynolds Standing behind Seated Anne Maria Reynolds]

Description: Photograph of a mustached man (Mr. Reynolds) in a three piece suit standing behind and holding a rocking chair that contains the elderly, grey haired Anne Maria Reynolds. The woman is wearing a dark dress and holds a pair of glasses. They are in a room with floral wallpaper, a trunk to the left, and a door to the right. A floral print and a framed cross stitch piece are on the wall to the left.
Date: 1890~

[Two Infants Sitting on a Wicker Chair]

Description: Photograph of two infants sitting on a wicker chair. They are wearing bonnets, long black dresses with buttons and shimmering stripes, and longer white dresses underneath the black dresses. The names "Allene" and "Helen" are written with the photographer information under the children.
Date: 1890~
Creator: Thompson, D. P.