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[Cattle Chute along a Hill]

Description: Photograph of a cattle chute that passes along a wooded hill. The structure is comprised of wooden fencing at either end and a pair of brick walls near the center of the photo and in front of a small shack. Cattle can be seen shuffling along the chute and in a herd in the background.
Date: 1915~

[Matthews Family Members Standing Outdoors]

Description: Photograph of four individuals standing outdoors, three of which are women and one of which is a man. The two women on the left, Lucile Matthews (Brittingham) and Sallie Reynolds Matthews are wearing full-length, long-sleeved dresses. The man to their right, John A. Matthews, is wearing a brimmed hat, a shirt, a tie, a vest, and pants; he has his hands clasped at his stomach. On his right is Sallie Matthews (Judd), whose face and a portion of her dress are the only part of her that is visible.
Date: 1910~

[Men and Animal along a Cattle Chute]

Description: Photograph of two men standing along a cattle chute that is currently occupied by an obscured animal. The chute is made of wooden fences that moves from the left off camera into a brick enclosure. One of the men stands on a dirt path outside of the wooden structure, while another stands on top of the brick wall.
Date: 1915~