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[Aerial View of a Swollen Ranch Creek]

Description: Photograph of an aerial view of a ranch creek. The swollen body of water bends around a tree covered hillside and disappears into forested hills.
Date: 1910

[Cattle Chute along a Hill]

Description: Photograph of a cattle chute that passes along a wooded hill. The structure is comprised of wooden fencing at either end and a pair of brick walls near the center of the photo and in front of a small shack. Cattle can be seen shuffling along the chute and in a herd in the background.
Date: 1915~

[Eight Photos of Ranch Life and Properties]

Description: Page from a worn leather scrapbook containing eight photos of ranch life and family properties. The first photo shows the "Washington House," a two story stone building covered with snow. To its right, people observe a man on horseback in a photo labeled "Reynolds Ranch." On the third, there are three boys in bathing suits standing on a tree trunk that hovers over a creek. Next is a view of a snow covered hillside. The first photo on the third row shows a wooden building, a woodpile, and a cattle chute on the side of a hill. Next, cowboys with a car work near bare trees. The last two photos show a cowboy named Ray Rodriguez in a pen with a calf.
Date: 1910

[Elder Man and Susan Alice Matthews near Shrubs]

Description: Photograph of Susan Alice (“Aunt Susie”) Matthews and a man standing outside by shrubs. The grey haired and bespectacled woman is wearing a hat and a dark dress. The man is wearing a hat darker than his three piece suit.
Date: 1910

[Family with a Car on Range Land]

Description: Photograph of family members with a car parked in range land. A man and woman stand leaning outside of the car. Another person in a cowboy hat still sits inside. Trees stand behind them.
Date: 1910

[Four Children on a Windpump's Ladder]

Description: Photograph of four children standing on top of each other on a windpump's ladder. The three children on the top are boys with a girl standing near the bottom. The windpump stands in a ranch field with tall grasses and short trees nearby.
Date: 1910

[Four Girls in Bathing Suits]

Description: Photograph of four girls in early twentieth century bathing suits and caps. They are sitting along a rocky outcropping and dipping their feet into the waters of Clear Fork River below.
Date: 1910

[Matthews Family Members Standing Outdoors]

Description: Photograph of four individuals standing outdoors, three of which are women and one of which is a man. The two women on the left, Lucile Matthews (Brittingham) and Sallie Reynolds Matthews are wearing full-length, long-sleeved dresses. The man to their right, John A. Matthews, is wearing a brimmed hat, a shirt, a tie, a vest, and pants; he has his hands clasped at his stomach. On his right is Sallie Matthews (Judd), whose face and a portion of her dress are the only part of her that is visible.
Date: 1910~

[Men and Animal along a Cattle Chute]

Description: Photograph of two men standing along a cattle chute that is currently occupied by an obscured animal. The chute is made of wooden fences that moves from the left off camera into a brick enclosure. One of the men stands on a dirt path outside of the wooden structure, while another stands on top of the brick wall.
Date: 1915~

[Men on a Sidewalk with Catfish]

Description: Photograph of men on a sidewalk near businesses. Two men in straw hats are holding a pole with three catfish of varying size.
Date: 1915

[Portrait of a Bearded Man in a Striped Suit]

Description: Photograph of a bearded man in a striped suit and a black bow tie. His hair is graying. The image is vignetted so that the man is visible from the chest up. A name and 1910 is written under the man's image.
Date: 1910

[Portrait of Nathan Bartholomew Wearing a Boater]

Description: Photograph of the mustached Nathan Loomis Bartholomew wearing a straw boater hat, glasses, checked bow tie, white shirt, and jacket. The matted photo is cut into an oval, showing the man from the chest up.
Date: 1910

[Seated Boy Scouts and an Automobile Advertisement]

Description: Page from Watt Matthews' smooth cowhide album. On the left side of the page is a black and white 5 x 7 in. print of a group of boy scouts. Several young boys, some wearing uniforms, are sitting in the grass along with a few adult men. A man in a double-breasted suit is standing behind the group on the right; he is holding a book in his right arm. A canopy of trees forms the background. On the right side of the page is a an advertisement for the Packard Motor Car Company, Detroit, Michigan. On the ad is a drawing of a Packard "Thirty" Roundabout with Victoria top.
Date: 1910

[Three Men and a Child at Burkett Bend]

Description: Photograph of three men and a child along the side of a creek. Rocks protrude from around the edges of the stream, with trees and a hill rising behind them. The squatting man may be Ardon Judd, Sr.
Date: 1910

Two of My Thoroughbred Fillies

Description: Photograph of a man in a ranch yard who is holding two horses by their reins. Writing underneath the photo indicates that the horse on the left is named "Fashion" and that the one of the right is "Armie Gentry." Their ages and coat types are mentioned.
Date: 1910

Watt Reynolds Matthews

Description: Photograph of Watt Reynolds Matthews as a boy, wearing a checked jacket, high collar, and a neck tie. An artist's signature is written underneath his vignetted form. His name is written along the bottom of the page. The left side of the photo is a cover with a venous pattern.
Date: 1910

[Woman Examining a Camera]

Description: Photograph of a woman in a dark dress examining a camera. She is standing outside of a brick house.
Date: 1910