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[Joe B. Matthews Sitting Outoors on a Folding Chair]
Photograph of Joe B. Matthews sitting outdoors in a brown folding chair. He is wearing a hat, glasses, jacket, spotted black tie, slacks, and cowboy boots.
[Men and Women around an Outdoor Picnic Table]
Photograph of men and women gathered around an outdoor picnic table that is covered with a box and bucket. Automobiles are visible in the background through trees.
[People at an Outdoor Picnic Table]
Photograph of a group of people at an outdoor picnic table. Several people sit at the food and drink laden table. Two men stand on either side. In the foreground to the left, a teenage boy holds a crutch. To the right near a car's open trunk, a man holds food.
[People in a Field near Fenced Cattle]
Photograph of people gathered in a field with fenced off cattle in the background. Some men and women are gathered around a blue truck to the left. A horse is partially visible behind them. Another group of men stands together to the right of the other group. A small child walks to the right of the photo.
[People Leaning on a Fence]
Photograph of a group of people leaning against a wooden fence. The group is comprised of a mixture of men and women and a small child being held up to the fence (right). Vehicles can be seen parked behind the group to the right.
[People on a Buckboard Wagon]
Photograph of people riding on a buckboard wagon past trees and shrubs. From left to right: Louise Webb Matthews; Susette Matthews Burns; Sally Brittingham; Sam/George Newcomb (driving; unidentified girl; and Anne Blanton.
[People Swimming]
Photograph seven people swimming in body of brown water in a wooded area.
[People with a Horse and Car at a Dirt Road]
Photograph of people standing at and near a dirt road. A black car with a yellow license plate sits in the dirt road with a man standing to the left of it. Off the road to the left, three people are around a horse. A younger person is in mid leap behind the horse.
[Three Cowboys Around a Downed Calf]
Photograph of three cowboys around a downed and roped calf. The bespectacled man kneeling on the left holds a bottle in his right hand and touches a cloth to the animal's side with his left. The kneeling man on the right has the calf pinned under his knee. A third man sits to the upper left.
[Tom and Matt Blanton at a Picnic Table]
Photograph of Tom and Matt Blanton sitting at an outdoor picnic table. Tom, left, is wearing a blue shirt and a spotted blue tie. The dark haired Mat, right, has an open shirt and striped pants, and carries a tin cup in his right hand a cigarette in his left.
[Tom Blanton with Shotgun Standing over a Dead Hog]
Photograph of Tom Blanton holding a shotgun and standing over a dead hog. He is wearing a lightly colored hat, blue denim jack, and blue jeans. They are in a wooded and shrubby area.
[Truck Near Cattle Pens with People Gathered Around]
Photograph of people gathered around a blue truck in front of cattle pens. Men to the left stand near a metal gate structure, with a man in the foreground carrying a camera that is slung under his arm. Another group surrounds the blue truck. A horse is visible behind them. A third group of two men look toward the truck from the right.
[Two Men and a Dead Hog]
Photograph of two men in blue denim standing over a dead hog. The man on the left is a senior, wears a black fedora hat, and holds an axe over his shoulder. The smiling young man to the right, Tom Blanton, holds a pistol in his right hand.
[Two Men and a Turtle]
Photograph of two men standing over an overturned turtle. The man to the left, Tom Blanton, leans over the turtle wielding an axe. The man to the right holds a foot on the creature. The remnants of a fire are to the right of the pair, and benches covered with materials are in the background.
[Watt Matthews and Ardon Judd, Sr. in a Decorated Doorway]
Photograph of Watt Matthews and Ardon Judd Sr. in a doorway that has been decorated with a "vine" of tree needles and colored light bulbs. A Christmas wreath hangs on the door behind the men.
[Watt Matthews, Ethel M. Casey, and Liston Casey]
Photograph of Watt Matthews, Ethel M. Casey, and Liston Casey standing under a tree. A wooden fence is visible behind them and a wooden building is off to the right.
[Watt Matthews Standing over a Dead Hog]
Photograph of Watt Matthews standing over a dead hog. He is wearing a lightly colored hat, blue denim jacket, dark blue jeans, and black boots. The hog and an axe lies at his feet. Materials lie in front of trees and shrubs in the background.
[Watt Matthews with Three Women on Either Side]
Photograph of Watt Matthews (center) with three women on either side of him. The group is wearing winter clothing and standing in front of a stone building with two windows.
[Three Photographs of People Eating in a Wooded Area]
Photographs of people eating outdoors in a wooded area. The second and third photos show that they're eating near a body of water.
[Three Photographs of Resting and Working on Matthews Ranch]
Photographs of resting and working on Matthews Ranch. The first photograph shows two men sitting on or by a truck that's parked near a dirt road. The man sitting on the truck has a box and plate in front of him. The second photograph shows a herd of cattle in pens. The third photo shows several men around and on top of a restrained calf. Cattle can be seen in the background.
[Three Photographs of Two Women and an Old Bunkhouse]
Photographs of two women and a ranch house. The first two photos feature two women sitting in the back seat of a car. Both are wearing gingham tops, but the woman on the right is wearing a hat and glasses. The third photo is a long ranch bunkhouse with a automobile sitting to the left.
[Three Photos of Matthews Ranch]
Photographs of Matthews Ranch. The first photograph on the left is of ranch buildings with a truck and men standing outside. The middle photograph is of a ranch building obfuscated by a tree. The third photograph is of a person standing outside of a car on ranch land.
[Three Pictures of Cattle and Cowboys]
Photographs of cattle and cowboys on a range. The first picture on the left features cattle moving past a fence containing more cattle and four cowboys on horses. The second photo features cattle behind a fence and mounted cowboys on either side of that fence. The third photo is of Watt Matthews standing on range land in front of a pond.
[Two Photos of Cowboys Restraining a Calf]
Photographs of cowboys restraining a calf. In the left photo, men are gathered around a calf that is being held by two cowboys. Cattle are behind them. The photo to the right shows a calf being held down by two cowboys while a third person holds an object inside of a bowl.
[Portrait of a Ella Reynolds]
Photograph of Ella Reynolds (Burns) wearing high-necked dress with her hair pulled back. Her face is turned 3/4 away from the camera.
[Portrait of Barber Reynolds Watkins]
Photograph of a man identified as Barber Watkins Reynolds. He is bearded, has greying hair, and wears a coat, shirt, and a bow tie. Labeled "Grandpa Matthews."
[Portrait of Barber Reynolds Watkins]
Photograph of a man identified as Barber Watkins Reynolds. He is bearded, has greying hair, and wears a coat, shirt, and a bow tie.
[Portrait of Child Leaning on Hay]
Photograph of a young child leaning on a small stack of hay. She has short, dark hair and wears a white dress, sash, and boots. She is standing in front of a background painted to resemble and outdoor scene and atop a floor strewn with hay.
[Laura Wilson, Richard Avedon, and Watt Matthews in the Cookshack]
Photograph of (left to right) Laura Wilson, Richard Avedon, and Watt Reynolds Matthews sitting in the cookshack at Matthews Ranch headquarters. Wilson is holding a notepad, and she and Avedon appear to be listening to Matthews as he talks. Avedon is wearing a cowboy hat given to him by Matthews. In the background are two picnic tables with checkered table cloths.
[Richard Avedon in the Reynolds Bend Schoolhouse]
Photograph of Richard Avedon inside the Reynolds Bend schoolhouse. He stands to the right of a wooden desk with one hand resting on the desk. On the wall behind him are two chalkboards positioned between wooden shelves. There are chalk drawings of buffalo skulls and animals by Bill Cauble on the left chalkboard. "Bryant" is written next to a heart on the right chalkboard. In the foreground is a pipe stove. The room has wood floors and wood benches on either side.
[Richard Avedon, Watt Matthews, Ethel Casey, and Lucile Brittingham]
Photograph of (left to right) photographer Richard Avedon, Watt Reynolds Matthews, Ethel Matthews Casey, and Lucile Matthews Brittingham in front of a brick wall and a window. Ethel Matthews Casey is sitting in a chair while the others stand. To their right is Avedon's 8"x10" Deardorff large format camera on a tripod. Avedon is wearing a hat given to him as a gift by Watt Matthews.
[Early Aerial View of Albany, Texas]
Photograph of Albany, Texas, taken from a hillside in the town's early days. A building, horse drawn buggy, and trees are visible in the foreground. Just behind these lies a ranch house and property surrounded by a wooden fence. A path leads from the house to an outhouse and a gate. A team of animals is being followed by a person in the field behind this fenced area. Houses and other buildings are in the periphery, and a long hill is visible in the background.
[Remains of a Chimney and Fireplace]
Photograph of the remains of a stone chimney and fireplace. The structure stands in scrub land and is surrounded by loose stone bricks.
[Ruined Stone Building]
Photograph of a collapsing and ruined stone building with a chimney. Loose stone litters the ground around the structure among small trees.
[Portrait of Two Young Children]
Photograph portrait of two young children. The child to the left stands and wears a slightly dark and buttoned top, a skirt, and shoes. The child to the right is seated on a small fringed chair and is wearing a white dress and shoes.
[Thomas N. Lee Sitting Backwards in a Chair]
Photograph of a toddler, Thomas N. Lee, in a white dress, dark socks and shoes. The child is sitting backwards in a chair.
[Crowd Seated for an Event at a Stele]
Photograph of a crowd of people seated before a large rock. The crowd, left, is made up of various ages and races of people, with some standing along the edge of the mass. To the right, a group of people are situated in a line to the sides of a rock that is half again the size of a person. The rock is broad and thin and has a hide on its front. A man in a pink shirt (Bob Green) leans against the rock to the right, while another man (Joe Blanton)stands in front of it. Cars can be seen parked in the background.
[Elders in a Field]
Photograph of four elderly people in a field. Three elderly sisters (Sallie, Lucile, and Ethel) are seated in the field with the elderly Watt Matthews standing behind them with his hands on the first and third lady. A prickly pear cactus grows to the right of the group.
[Group of People outside of a Ranch House]
Photograph of over twenty people at various stages in their adult lives who are gathered in front of a stone ranch house. Three elderly sisters (Sallie, Lucile, and Ethel) sit in chairs in front of the group.
[Barber Watkins Reynolds House]
Photograph of a two story ranch house with two chimneys that stands within a fenced yard. Many people can be seen in the yard and inside of the house through the windows.
[Ranch Cookshack behind a Garden]
Photograph of a wooden ranch building standing behind a mostly bare garden lot. Trees, more buildings, and an electrical tower are in the background.
[Ranch House]
Photograph of a ranch house behind trees and a wooden fence.
[A Family Portrait]
Photograph of a family, consisting of Susan Emily Reynolds Newcomb (standing), Anne Maria Campbell Reynolds (sitting left), a young girl, and Gus Newcomb.
[Portrait of Seven Children]
Photograph of seven children in a vignetted portrait. The children are, starting with the eldest girl at the top and going clockwise: May Matthews, Joe Matthews, Susette Matthews, Ethel Matthews, Lucile Matthews, Sallie Matthews, and John A. Matthews. Photo is labeled "A Very Merry Christmas."
[Family on a Riverbank]
Photograph of a family on a wooded riverbank. Several people are on the riverbank among the trees, while four people are in a rowboat with the word "GATORR" written along its side. A roofed structure and a wagon are visible up on the bank.
[Portrait of a Boy]
Photograph of a boy leaning on a half pillar with stone on its top. The boy has very short hair and wears a double breasted suit, a tie, trousers, stockings, and shoes.
[Portrait of a Family of Seven]
Photograph portrait of a family of seven. Three boys stand behind their seated parents. A girl is standing to the right of the seated woman. The man has a young girl sitting in his lap. Hats lie on the ground before them.
[Portrait of John Conrad Leaning on a Gate]
Photograph of a boy named John Conrad posing for a portrait. He is wearing a double breasted suit and is leaning on a piece of wood painted to look like a gate. He is standing in front of a backdrop painted to resemble a stone wall with flowers in front of it. The reverse side of the photo is written with the following: "With love to my dear S.S. teacher - John Conrad on his 8th birthday, June 23rd, 1894."
[Woman Leaning on a Fringed Pillar]
Photograph of a woman leaning on a fringed pillar. Her dark hair is pulled up onto a bun. Also she is wearing a dark dress with darker stripes around the neck and cuffs and buttons along the left side of the chest.
[Portrait of a Toddler]
Photograph of a toddler in a white dress who is standing on a piece of furniture that has been draped with patterned cloth.