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[Young and Old Portraits of John and Sallie Matthews]

Description: Photographs of two people taken when they were younger and when they were elderly. The upper left is a portrait of a John A. Matthews with short hair, a bushy mustache, high collared shirt, coat, and ribbon tie. The upper right portrait is of a Sallie R. Matthews with dark hair, a lace collar, and dark dress. The lower left has a portrait of the same man as an elder, wearing glasses and a suit. The lower right is a portrait of the same woman as an elder, with white hair, glasses, and dark clothing about her shoulders.
Date: 1880~
Item Type: Photograph

[Young Boy Leading a Toddler Through a Yard]

Description: Photograph of a boy holding the hand of a toddler-aged girl, leading her through a fenced in yard. The toddler, who is wearing a dress, has her free hand curled up over her mouth. The boy is wearing a hat, a jacket, a shirt, and knee-length shorts.
Date: 1900~
Item Type: Photograph

[A Young Boy Standing on a Lawn]

Description: Photograph of a young boy standing on a lawn and smiling. He is wearing a striped shirt, a hat, pants, a pair of tall socks, and shoes. A dead, leafless tree is visible behind him.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

[Young Watt Matthews with a Lasso]

Description: Photograph of a young Watt Matthews with a lassoed rope in his hands. He is wearing a cowboy hat, a bandanna tied around his neck, and a pair of chaps. A wooden fence is visible behind him.
Date: 1900
Item Type: Photograph