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[Portrait of Lula Cantelou, Betty Matthews, and George T. Reynolds]

Description: Photograph portrait of Lula Matthews Cantelou, Betty Matthews, and George T. Reynolds. Lula Matthews is seated to the left and wearing a black dress with white ruffles around the neck and cuffs. To her right, Batty Matthews is in a ruffled white dress stands between the two seated older adults. The seated George T. Reynolds is wearing a three piece suit, neck tie, and a watch fob.
Date: 1890~

[Portrait of Three Children]

Description: Photograph of three children in a portrait. Two girls with dark hair and white dresses are on either side of a shorter boy with short black hair. The girl on the left is Ella Reynolds, the boy in the center is Watt Matthews, and the girl on the right is Annie Merle Reynolds.
Date: 1890~
Creator: Rogers, Early

[Rows of People Together Under Trees]

Description: Photograph of people standing together under trees. The men, women, and children are arranged together in five rows. The first row is made up of children seated on the ground. People of mixed sexes and ages sit at a picnic table in the next two rows. A fourth row stands behind this picnic table, and a fifth row of black people stand behind these.
Date: 1890~

[Scrapbook Page with Photos of Swollen Rivers, People, and an Illustrated Forest Scene]

Description: Scrapbook page from the red Mammie V. Bartholomew album displaying five sepia-tone prints and one color card. On the left side of the page are four photographs. Proceeding from top to bottom, the first is a 17 x 12 centimeter photo of what might be Lambshead creek in a flood. The ranch gate is visible on the left bank of the creek. Below this is a photo of the same size of a creek near Albany, Texas. A young boy is standing in the center of the photo by the water among the brush lining the banks. On the left in the distance are three adults standing on a walkway built over the creek. In the bottom left corner of the page is a family portrait (10 x 14 centimeters) of Mrs. Gustie and three children taken on a porch. To the right of this photo is a portrait (10 x 14 centimeters) of Archie and Benson Campbell. The boys are standing in front of a printed backdrop and next to a table covered by a flowery cloth. They are both wearing knickers and bow ties. In the top right corner of the page is a 8 x 10 centimeter portrait of an infant lying on an "eye dazzler" Navajo rug. Below this a 8 x 16 centimeter card on which a color nature scene has been painted. The phrase "In Christ shall all be made alive" is written on the bottom of the card.
Date: 1890

[Six Photographs on a Scrapbook Page]

Description: Page from the red Mammie V. Bartholomew album displaying six sepia-tone prints. In the top left is a 6 x 10 cm. print of an infant in a dress sitting in a rocking chair and holding the arms of the chair. To the right (proceeding clockwise) is a 17 x 12 cm. photo of several sheaves of grain in a pasture. In the lower right-hand corner of the photo is a wooden fence. Rolling hills and sky form the background of the image. Below this photo (in the center of the page) is a 14 x 10 cm. photo of what might be a columbine plant and flower behind chicken wire. The next photo (14 x 10 cm.) shows Mrs. N. L. Bartholomew sitting on the end of a wooden walkway built over a flooded creek. To her right are a young boy and girl standing on the walkway. In the bottom left corner of the page is a portrait (10 x 14 cm.) of Mr. and Mrs. (Susan Emily "Aunt Sister" Reynolds) N. L. Bartholomew taken in front of a printed backdrop. Mr. N. L. Bartholomew is standing behind a chair where his wife is sitting. Proceeding clockwise, above this photo is a hazy photograph of a man standing on on the banks of a flooded creek.
Date: 1890

[Two Infants Sitting on a Wicker Chair]

Description: Photograph of two infants sitting on a wicker chair. They are wearing bonnets, long black dresses with buttons and shimmering stripes, and longer white dresses underneath the black dresses. The names "Allene" and "Helen" are written with the photographer information under the children.
Date: 1890~
Creator: Thompson, D. P.

[A White House with Children in the Yard]

Description: Photograph of a white house with children and vegetation in the picket-fenced yard. The house is one story tall, and shuttered windows are visible along its walls. A chimney protrudes from its gable. Three children stand in the yard with shrubs and a wire mesh shed nearby. The girl in the rear is May Bartholomew.
Date: 1890~

[Girls on a Porch]

Description: Photograph of young girls of varying ages who are on a porch. Foremost, a girl named Ethel is wearing a floral bonnet and dress sits in a tricycle. Behind her, a girl named May wears a dark striped dress and has her hair tied with ribbon. Two girls, Susette and Lucile, sit on a chair behind the other girls. A partially shuttered window is in the left side of the picture as well.
Date: 1892~

[Three Girls on a Porch]

Description: Photograph of three girls on a porch near a partially shuttered window. A girl with a ponytail sits in a tricycle that is partially out of frame. Behind her, a girl in a dark striped dress attends to a very young girl sitting in a chair.
Date: 1892

[Four Children on a Blanket with Cats]

Description: Photograph of four children on a Navajo "Eye Dazzler" blanket with cats. Three girls (Fern Newcomb, Ethel Matthews, and Lucile Matthews) sit against the foundation of a house, wearing dresses and holding kittens in their laps. The infant, Sallie Matthews, is in a long white dress and lies at their feet with an adult cat laying near her head.
Date: 1893